HONOR Magic Earbuds Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

As I spend a lot of time commuting and in normal times, travelling, I was very excited to be sent the HONOR Magic Earbuds to review. Whilst I have a large over ear pair of headphones that I use when flying, for everyday use I just stick with the ones that come with my phone, they are small and compact, but the sound quality isn’t great, so it was time to put a premium in ear pair to task.
Immediately you could see just how compact they were as they arrived in a small padded envelope. Inside was a bright turquoise box with an illustration of the HONOR earbuds on the front, the box is held closed with a magnetic strip so no digging out the scissors just to get into the package. The box, fully turquoise inside, flaps open to reveal the small white oval shaped box containing the earbuds. Lift up the cardboard tray and there are two additional boxes, one containing the warranty & safety information and one containing the USB charging wire and 3 sets of ear covers. Interestingly I couldn’t find any instructions.
The plastic box containing the earbuds has a simple grey logo HONOR in the centre and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The lid flips open to reveal the two earbuds held in place by magnets, the cool thing is although the box is marked with right and left, you cant replace them wrongly as the magnets don’t let you, they just bounce back out so you know you are trying to replace left into right and vice versa.
The first thing I did is charge them up, it takes about an hour to charge from 0-100%, you will need a USB plug or a computer to plug into as the plug isn’t included in the box, only the lead. The lead plugs straight into the back of the box with the earbuds left inside whilst charging. When charged there is a small green light on the front of the box and a green light inside the box when you touch the earbuds. I immediately switched on my Bluetooth and tried to pair them up, nothing happened so I tried another phone, still nothing so I googled it! The “how to” videos on line all suggested downloading the Huawei app which I did, I subsequently found out its much easier to do than that. There is a tiny switch next to the charging point, if you hold it down for two seconds, it flashes, then you can very quickly pair it with any device be it a phone, tablet or laptop, within a few seconds of working that out I’d paired my tablet and tried out some music. I have never tried in ear headphones before I normally go for the over ear so it took a little wiggling and getting used too but I found them surprisingly comfortable once in position. In the pack are 3 pairs of ear covers of different sizes so you can find a pair that will fit you easily, for me though the standard pair were fine.
It was when I tried watching a film, I found that the HONOR magic really came into their own. The noise cancelling was excellent, I couldn’t hear a thing apart from the film and the sound quality was very good indeed for something so small. I really can’t fault them. The battery lasted about 3 hours so long enough for a film and some music before charging at my desk for use on my way home. I loved how compact they were, easily fitting into my handbag or pocket, I was worried at one point they might get lost in my bag they were so small!
For me the HONOUR magic earbuds were perfect as they were as I like things simple, but if you want more functionality you can download the Huawei Al Life App which you can then use to configure the buds so that a double-tap triggers Play/Pause, Next or Previous Track. Earbuds can be set up individually if you want to do different actions with left or right.
The HONOR magic earbuds have converted me from my over ear headphones, they are small and lightweight to carry around and easy to use, plus they don’t ruin your hairstyle. I was really impressed with the sound, especially the noise cancelling element, they are certainly making commuting far more relaxing. Perfect for treating yourself or with Christmas on the horizon, a gift for a loved one. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £89.99

This product can be purchased from HONOR here

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