Home Baking with Aldi Review


Reviewed by Dawn Watson

I was delighted to be chosen to review some of Aldi’s Home Baking Collection. As a big fan of Aldi’s I usually only ever buy food from there so it was really good to be reviewing things I wouldn’t normally buy.

In my Aldi package I had lots of baking goodies much to my girls delight, it included:

3 gorgeous 100% cotton tea towels, 1 a beautiful bright red one, a turquoise blue checked one and our favourite a colourful cream one with a Rocky Road cookie recipe printed on it… what a great idea! I much prefer cotton tea towels as I always think they dry my dishes much better and the colours are lovely, bright and fresh.

I also got a fab baking tray ideal for using in oven with scones, cakes, or even savoury things like fish fingers and chicken. Completely non-stick when we used them for our cookies the cookies came off the tray easily. This try can also be put in your dishwasher. I know this will be used lots and if you look after it with silicone or plastic utensils the surface will remain non-stick for a long time.

My favourite item of all – a great ingenious idea and one I had not come across before – a measuring jug and scale all in one! Fantastic idea, it uses a LCD screen to tell you the weight of the product up to a maximum of 3kg and or capacity in litres up to a maximum of 1 litre. The jug comes away from the scale so ideal for wet ingredients to then pour into your mixer or bowl. My one is red but it is also available in green. I love this idea, it would be perfect for young bakers as it was so easy to use and see the weight or volume, and I think it would be great for a small kitchen too. Easy to clean – this was a hit in our kitchen, I only had an old fashioned scale and it was never very accurate, we found this very accurate and easy to use. You didn’t have to fiddle about looking for a bowl or anything to then try and work out the weight of the ingredients! We loved it.


Next we tried the kids silicon baking mould – in the shape of a ship – or as my youngest described it, ‘a pirate ship’. I haven’t used silicon moulds for baking before so was keen to see how they performed. With it being silicon you didn’t need to grease the inside and the size was perfect for a standard cake recipe. The only thing we found was with it being silicone it is obviously pliable and bendy so with my help the girls put in on the baking tray first before putting in the oven as this made it much easier to carry. Once ready the shape was great – ideal for birthday cakes, it was easily recognisable as a ship and the size perfect. The cake came out of the mould very, very easily leaving no residue and the mould itself cleaned very easily too.

Lastly we had a lovely pink cake container with a clear lid. It was unusual as it was more of a loaf shape but as it could be used in the fridge I thought ideal for cheeses, meats etc…  This too was dishwasher proof. It also had two ‘seals’ making it very air tight, ideal for cakes to keep them fresh longer. Our cake is still going strong in the container some four days after baking it. This container will be used lots, fits in my fridge shelf, in my cupboard so a very versatile wee thing.

Well done Aldi – great range of baking items all at very reasonable prices and very good quality. Our favourite is definitely the jug/scale, love this!

I would highly recommend any of these items.

Rating: 5/5

All these items are available to buy from your local Aldi store. For more information or to find your nearest store visit www.aldi.co.uk.


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