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Hey Duggee Smart Tablet Review


Reviewed by Bharti Lim

The Hey Duggee smart tablet is for children aged 3+ and features the CBeebies character Duggee and some of the squirrels.  The table comes in a box that is totally sealed and instantly recognisable as a Hey Duggee item.  The touch sensitive tablet comes with a wipe proof surface that has a grippy edge that can be removed if needed. We did find this can be removed a little easier than I would like but it was easy to slip back on.  I imagine it is for cleaning purposes making the whole table very child friendly.  It does require 3 AAA batteries which are not included, something to consider buying if purchasing as a gift. 

The screen itself is very bright and colourful making it really appealing to young children and pre-schoolers.  There are 5 activities including learning about numbers, letters, colours, shape, the characters and the badges.  Some of the skills that children will learn using the tablets and colour and number recognition, fine motors skills and cognition.

The character talks as lights up and you work through the different games, asking questions and allowing for the child to find the correct answer.  If you find the correct answer Duggee will praise you for finding the right answer.  The child can just press the buttons and it will explain what it is.  The characters also speak with the voices like the show so they are instantly recognisable if you have a Hey Duggee fan.   There is also a button for funny sounds, these again are all sounds that a child will recognise from the show.

The tablet does turn itself off if it is not being used which helps save on the number of batteries needed. The speaker is on the front of the tablet which helps to make it very clear and the volume is adjustable too which I found really helpful as a lot of toys do not have this function.

The tablet does only cover a handful of colours and go up to 5 and the letter E so the timing of purchasing this is probably quite important.  My child had just turned 3 so it was just the right time as he was not confident with recognising the way the numbers looked but quickly picked it up after playing with the tablet.  We worked through each game and he was quite confident with it and enjoyed playing on it alone.  Its very slim so can be slipped into a bag if you are heading out but the power button does stick out and can easily be switched on and off, good if you want your child to use it alone but not so great if you want to pack it to take it away or put in a toy box. It kept turning on and off so it has to be kept where it won’t accidently be switched on.

All in all, it’s a nice little item but if the child is already confident with the first few numbers or letters then the item will not be useful for long. I wonder if it would be better suited for a 2-year-old where they will just be learning about colours, numbers and letters.


RRP: £17.99

This product is available to buy from Amazon here.

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