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Hexbug Nano Limited Edition Easter Egg Review

Reviewed by David Savage

The Hexbug Nano is a battery operated robotic bug that behaves like a real bug, and for Easter there is a limited edition version that comes enclosed in its own plastic egg.

Each egg contains a small bug, about 5cm (2”). Once switched the Hexbug races around the floor just like a real bug and even flips over by itself. It is quite fast, especially on hard floors, and the kids love it. When it hits a barrier it will then go off in a different direction. Just be warned, they have an awful habit of finding the nearest sofa of cabinet and hiding under it, so be prepared for getting down on your hands and knees and retrieving them.

These would be great for racing your bug against you friend’s bugs.


At £5.99 the Hexbug Nano is an inexpensive fun alternative to a chocolate egg and will last longer.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99

Available to buy from


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