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Heritage Brand Commemorates St George’s Day With A Specially Crafted Ham

Royal Warrant holder and ham producer, DukesHill proudly presents a special ham crafted for St George’s Day, known as the feast day of St George – England’s patron saint who is celebrated on 23rd April. St George’s ham has a Great Taste Award star and is a tribute to England’s rich cultural heritage.

Each leg of outdoor-bred English pork is immersed for a week in DukesHill’s own Wiltshire brine which gives it a moist texture. Unlike other brining processes, a touch of unrefined brown sugar is added, imparting a subtly sweet flavour through the ham. After being steam cooked for 12 hours, the hams are inspected, hand-skinned and trimmed by an expert quality manager. They are then baked in a glaze of spiced oranges, cinnamon, mace and cloves. These spices were introduced during the medieval spice trade and have been integral to English cooking for centuries, shaping the flavours of classic British cuisine. The careful curation of bold ingredients and traditional methods culminate in a ham that embodies the spirit of St George’s Day.

Named after the patron saint of England, the day honours St George’s legendary role in slaying the dragon and symbolises bravery and chivalry. St. George’s Day remains an opportunity for people to celebrate England’s rich history and heritage and take pride in English identity, culture and values.

Luxury heritage brand DukesHill has always embraced its British roots with an unwavering commitment towards provenance and traditional craftsmanship. A DukesHill ham is a celebration of good farming techniques, which is good news for British farming and industry, as they use only the finest quality outdoor-bred English pork and the most traditional curing methods which can take up to six months to produce.

Good quality ham has to start with best practice farming – always RSPCA assured. Pig farmer Andrew Tomson plays a crucial role in helping meet the demand. Andrew says, “As a pig farmer of 45 years, our commitment is to ensure the wellbeing of every pig under our care. I firmly believe that raising healthy pigs on straw is about providing them with a life of comfort and respect in an environment where they thrive. This produces the best quality pork and we know these animals have lived the best life possible.”

DukesHill St George’s ham is available in – half boneless, midi boneless, whole boneless and whole bone-in ham. Prices start from £77 from

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