Heathers The Musical, Theatre Royal, Nottingham Review


Reviewed by Deborah Lowndes

My daughter and I could not wait to review Heathers as we have both heard about the mass following by 14+ year olds, plus Heathers trending and all the rage on Tik Tok.  Any film fan who loves cult classics knows all about Heathers.

The musical is based upon the 1988 classic movie, and tells the story of Veronica’s struggle to survive high school life in her senior year and her need to fit in with the Heathers.  The struggle only gets more difficult due to her romance with the school’s new boy who comes from a dark place!  As always kindness prevails in the end with Veronica seeing the correct path to take.

The performance contains load noises, gun shots, flashing, strobe lighting, and strong language.  There are times throughout the performance where I jumped in my seat as a result of loud noises or lights.  This just added to the fact that is was an outstanding performance.

The musical covers many of lives events relating to the 80’s and life today.  These being murder, suicide, sexual violence and homophobia.  Throughout the musical it was clear to see that controlling and popular people were the ones causing all the issues and turning life bad.

The vocals were strong with around 20 songs throughout the musical.  The outfits had been well thought out and fitted with the high school settings.  The Heathers were dressed accordingly for their school status and brought the vibe to upset and make other pupils feel insignificant.  I guess this is why it resonates with teens.

Basically, Veronica Sawyer played by Eleanor Walsh, considered herself a nobody without any recognition and through sheer desperation she made the Heathers aware that she longed to fit in.  By asking to sit on the top table with them at lunch in order for others to see.  The Heathers granted in exchange for Veronica’s skill of forging signatures.  This is where it all began, Veronica joining the cruel world of the Heathers.  Veronica’s dream come had come true!

The feared school girl click ‘The Heathers’ all had the same first name of Heather.  The ruthless queen who lead the pack was Heather Chandler played by Verity Thompson.  Veronica began dressing and acting like the Heathers, and adopted the sassy, cruel mannerisms.  She could deliver the hip swaying sexy walk too.

Veronica is working hard to meet the needs of the Heathers when the dark mysterious boy teen Jason Dean (JD for short), played by Jacob Fowler arrives in town.  One of JD’s opening scenes is a him being involved in a school fight, and this is the point where the Heathers notice a crush developing.  Being part of JD’s world teaches Veronica that it kills to be nobody but then she questions if murder allows you to be somebody?  These thoughts are put into her head by JD.

Veronica smitten with JD allows herself to become entwined in his world and becomes controlled by him for a while. Amazing what love can do!!  Under JD’s spell Veronica mistakenly commits murder number one.  Down goes one of the Heathers and it’s make to look like teen suicide.

The musical begins to become even deeper Veronica arranges to meet Kurt and Ram.  Both boys under the impression that the night is to be full of fun and pleasure.  They don’t waste any time in getting their clothes off.

Things turn deep and murders two and three take place.  Things are spiralling out of Veronica’s control.  What steps can she take to make school life normal again?  One thing I recall is the boys funeral scene which included the classic joke from Gavin and Stacey about the fishing trip.  At this point I am going to leave things there as I do not want to spoil things ahead of the public watching.

Actors Alex Walker (Kurt) and Morgan Jackson (Ram) spend most of the second half in matching underpants.

The cast is made up mainly of young energetic actors who are full of life with bundles of energy.  Many of the actors are making their first debut.  It is a must see musical with many twists and turns.  We really enjoyed it and the singing, dancing and acting was great.  It was really good to see an audience mainly full of the younger generation.  This is what our theatres need a mixed audience.

On the final curtain call there was a standing ovation with lots of cheering and appreciation shown by the audience. Don’t miss out.  Get those tickets purchased you will be in for a great night!

The musical is definitely a five star rating and is on at Nottingham until Saturday 2nd September 2023.

Tickets cost £31.50 get booking. 

Tickets £17.50 to £41.00

Rating: 5/5

Heathers The Musical

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