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Headu Montessari Baby Flashcards Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

The Baby Flashcards are suitable for ages 1-3, and are comprised of twelve Flashcards with twelve shapes that fit into the matching spaces.  There are four fruits, four animals and four types of transport.  All images are very colourful on a pale teal background with the name of the image written underneath in bold black capitals.  They all come in a very sturdy cardboard box for storing away when not being played with.

Based on the Maria Montessori method of teaching, the cards are designed to develop children’s linguistic skills and introduces playing with abstract ideas.

Maria Montessori was a physician, educator and innovator.  She was known for her educational method that builds on the way children learn naturally.  Her first school opened in Rome in 1907 and there are still schools and nurseries today that use her methods.

When our three year old was playing with these she particularly liked the little hole on the back of each card through which she could pop out the image.  She loved playing with these.  As she is at the upper age level for this set she found it quite easy to recognise the shapes and fit them into the correct card but I could tell by her smiles that she absolutely loved doing it and once they were all in place we went through them all again and named them while looking at the written description to help her recognise words.  It’s a lovely toy for us to spend some time together learning and I love seeing her learn new things.  I am always amazed at how quickly children pick things up and retain what they have learned, even when you think they are not paying attention.

If you visit you will find instructions for other games that can be played with these cards.  The first one for younger children is the three-period lesson which is designed to help the child 1. recognise the pictures, 2. remember and pronounce the names and 3. expand their vocabulary.

Other games explained are words and pictures game, sorting game and my first discoveries. This toy makes the perfect gift for any toddler.  It has such a lot of play value to it and will help a child in it’s learning process for a few years and is a perfect toy to aid learning at home.

Founded by F L and G M B (editor’s note – names changed to initials), the Headu company is based in Italy and all products are made in Italy.  They offer a fantastic range of fun learning products aimed at four different age groups: Infants 0-18 months, toddler 1-4, preschool 3-6, and kids 5- 12.

If you take a look at their website you will see the full range of their products and the explanations of the learning skills they are aimed at.  There is also an explanation of the founders methods of teaching.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

This product is available to buy from Amazon here.

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