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Hayes Garden World Gardman Adjustable Small Bird Feeder Review

Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

This bird feeder is comprised of a mesh base, a lid, a hook, an adjustable bar, a wingnut and an hex hey (Allen key). It all comes in a small box with clear easy to understand assembly instructions and a diagram on the outside of the box.

The box itself is eye-catching in design and as well as being informative with bright blasts of colour advertising its functionality; it also has a banner showing that it is recommended by the “British Trust for Ornithology” which gives you a reassurance that this is a good quality feeder worth purchasing. The delightful photo of a robin suggests what type of birds this feeder may attract to your garden.

It took us less than 5 minutes to put this product together and I am impressed by the sturdiness of the heavy-duty mesh base and the smooth bar that allows you to raise up the clear plastic lid to control what size birds you feed. Its unusual square shape makes it stand out from other bird feeders and it feels durable and long-lasting. The deep base holds a good amount of seed and its large hook means you can hang it anywhere you like; we positioned ours on a tree branch and it hangs nicely and evenly; its shape means it doesn’t get blown about in the wind and the thickness of the plastic lid appears to protect against cracking.

Gardman is a reputable brand of quality in wild bird care amongst other areas and a product with this name on it carries an expectation. I’m pleased to say that this bird feeder upholds the company’s reputation and delivers good value for money, it looks aesthetically pleasing in the garden and is practical and strong.

It gets 4 stars from me! And at only £9.99 it would make a good Christmas gift for bird lovers!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from www.hayesgardenworld.co.uk.

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