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Hasbro Twister Game Review


Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

Twister is such an iconic game I was very pleased to be asked to review it. I remember playing this with my friends when I was younger and it never failed to amuse us. It came out for all my birthday parties and every one playing it would scream and shout it really got the party started. I have had so much fun throughout my lfe playing this game. It is one of my most favourite games. Any children I have ever played it with have loved it.

It really is such a simple game to play but it is one I think you have the most fun with. It really can be played by all ages from 6 years upward, provided you are agile and mobile as you do have to get into some twisty positions. It is a very popular game for children and adults alike.

The game itself contains a twister mat, spinner and instruction book. The rules of the game are that players take off their shoes and stand by the word Twister at opposite ends of the mat facing each other. Each player then puts their feet on the yellow and blue circle closest to them. You do need one person to be the referee this person spins the dial and reads out the limb and colour the arrow is pointing to. There are slightly different rules depending on how many are playing this game.

The aim of the game is to put your arms and feet on different circles without falling over. You might think that is super easy, however you do not chose the circles your limbs will go on. The circles that you use are determined by a spinner which has the colours on, these co-ordinate with the Twister mat with the circles on. You can play the game with two or more players, it really does not mater if it is just the two of you as you can still have plenty of fun. If any of your body parts touch outside the circle or you fall over you are out and the player that wins is the last one remaining, I cannot say standing as your body will be in all kinds of shapes.

A traditional twister mat is 67 inches by 55 inches and a circle is 7 inches in diameter.

I was very interested to hear the background regarding this brilliant game. It was originally named ‘Pretzel’, it was then sold to Milton Bradley who came up with the name Twister. The game become very popular back in 1966 when it was played on an American show called ‘The Tonight Show’. In that year alone three million of the games were sold It was invented in 1965 by a gentleman named Reyn Guyer

It is believed that over 65 million people have played this game over the decades, this is such an amazing achievement.

If you have never played this game I would suggest you give it a try it really is worth it. The game lasts between 10 and 20 minutes.

It can be purchased in most places including all of the toy shops. The price really does vary as some places have offers.

It is also available from Amazon RRP £22.49 with free postage.

I am awarding the Hasbro Twister game 5/5 stars for the laughs and fun it gives.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.49

You can purchase this product from amazon here.

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