Handirest Review


Reviewed by Stefanie Sofianos

I was extremely impressed with the Handirest and how easy it made nail painting. I thoroughly enjoy painting my nails and trying out simple nail art, however I always struggle with accuracy, especially when painting my right hand! The Handirest has made it SO much easier for me to achieve a near-perfect result, when painting my nails on both hands.

I was somewhat surprised at how well the Handirest fitted my hands, and also some of my friends, who all have very different sized hands. It truly is ‘one size fits all’. Each friend commented on how comfortable it was. The product truly shined when I painted the nails of a friend with MS, who struggles to keep her hands from shaking. It was fantastic! I also liked the size on the product as a whole. It was easy to spin my hand round 180 degrees without removing it from the Handirest, to reach the nail from a different angle to apply nail art.

The foam material that the Handirest is made from is not only comfortable and soft, but is also lightweight. Unfortunately, upon accidental testing, I found that the foam isn’t ‘toddler-bite-mark’ proof or ‘pencil stab’ proof! But I can live with that! Other than this, the only other negative I found when using the product, was that very fine nail glitter is quite difficult to ‘save’ from the Handirest. I wasn’t able to easily remove the glitter to put back into the pot, as it stuck to the foam and worked its way into the indented logo. This really isn’t a big problem, It just means that need to improve on my glitter applying skills! It was easy to clean and dry.


The packaging that the Handirest arrived in was brilliant. Plenty of information and packaged professionally in a sturdy, smart looking box. It was very exciting to open! The RRP is on the ‘reasonable to slightly high scale’, but I would still recommend it to all my friends, and did so! It has revolutionised my nail painting, and made it much easier and quicker.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Handirest here.


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