Greenall’s Ready Mixed Cocktails Review


GreenallsReadyMixedCocktailGreenall’s Ready Mixed Cocktails

Reviewed by Sarah-Kate Cantlie

So I have had the pleasure of drinking three cocktails this evening, without having to do anything other than open the fridge, flip the opener to a can and pour over ice into a highball glass. Now I absolutely love cocktails and gin is by far one of the best spirits for a cocktail addict, gin and tonic in my eyes, has been a rather unrivalled partnership that has stood the course of time. Tonight’s delights included gin and diet tonic, gin and full fat tonic and gin and grapefruit, which I drank in that order. The reason behind the choice of order is, that it is my firm belief one finds it difficult to go back from full fat to calorie free tonic, which can often loses its appeal. For consistency and to give these cocktails a fair hearing, I went for diet tonic first and pink grapefruit last, as I had a feeling this might be my favourite and make me biased against the others if I liked it too much.

Greenall’s with diet tonic; this turned out to be a nice, refreshing and very quaffable drink, the added citrus flavouring reminded me slightly of lemon sherbet sweets without the powder texture. The cocktails are dry, as expected of a London dry gin and I found the diet version very nice, with the added bonus of it taking less than ten seconds from fridge to lips.

Moving on to Greenall’s Gin and Tonic; this was better, as expected, more calories, more delicious, the citrus flavour comes through as before, but the tonic is more flavoursome and this drink is well rounded. I add lime to the glass as I like a bit of colour, but I didn’t squeeze it in as I normally would as the citrus in the canned drink is enough and doesn’t require any messing with.


Finally I tried the pink grapefruit cocktail; as predicted this was an instant hit, the dry gin mixed with a wonderful crisp citrus grapefruit flavour works very well and the pale pink colour just makes the drink look fun and delicious, which I’m glad to say it most certainly was.

These cans are absolutely great for a variety of functions, if you’re having a lot of guests over and you’re not sure if they’re going to drink lots or be good for the night, these cans will stay fresh and are quick to serve up, so you can fill the fridge with them and hope all the gin drinkers are driving so you don’t have to share. In addition to this, these are a great size for taking on picnics and outdoor events, such as festivals and fetes, if you’re allowed to bring your own booze that is. I found the can allowed me to have two full drinks in a highball glass filled with ice, so the serve size is generous and has a good 1.6 units in a can. These are good value retailing at around £1.90 at the local supermarket; I’ll definitely give these another try, especially the pink grapefruit.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Sainsbury’s, Tesco and other supermarkets.

4 Star

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