Great-value tech products that can be well worth adding to the workplace


When you are seeking to kit out your office to kick-start your workforce’s efficiency, there are certain pieces of equipment the importance of which goes without saying. Naturally, you need to consider printers, servers and routers, while every staff member should have a smartphone at hand.

However, investing in some recently-released tech products can particularly turbocharge your employees’ efforts. Here are just a few such products that, though sometimes calling for a significant financial outlay, come well-recommended by the tech press.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7 (2019)

Ah, yes, another staple of the hi-tech workplace: the trusty laptop. Which one should you buy in bulk for your staff, though? In its Best of the Year 2019 product line-up, PC Mag UK has named this particular Lenovo model the year’s best business laptop.

This nifty device encloses facial recognition tech and an HDR-enabled 4K glossy screen inside a sturdy but lightweight casing comprising carbon fibre. It’s all easy to secure and manage, too – and typing on the keyboard is a joy.

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BenQ InstaShow S WDC20

Delivering slick presentations is a key part of the corporate repertoire, but setting up all of the necessary equipment for those presentations can undoubtedly be a hassle.

Fortunately, this presentation system largely sheds the necessity of such hassle, as it doesn’t need its own software or even connection. Setting it up – as you can do with any presenting device, since the InstaShow is platform-agnostic – can just involve plugging the two devices together via USB.

ZeroLemon Extreme Charge Station

“I’ve got the power!” Okay, probably not quite enough, given how power-hungry many workplaces can be. Fortunately, solace is close with the ZeroLemon Extreme Charge Station. Befitting its name, it’s indeed no lemon but can deliver extreme power to multiple devices at once.

That electricity – all 135W of it, if necessary – can arrive either through a wire or wirelessly. The versatile little charging station can even be used to power up an Apple Watch, TechRadar notes.

Timekettle WT2 Plus AI translator

Chatting to clients who don’t speak in your mother tongue sounds like the type of responsibility with which you might have tasked C-3PO… if he was a part of your team, obviously. However, you can do the job yourself with surprising ease thanks to this AI-powered, earphone-based translator.

Using two included earphones (one for you, the other for your guest), you can hear foreign words translated into your own language almost as those words are uttered.

Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Some of your staff might bring in their own headsets for listening to music as they work, but this Logitech-branded headset is built specifically for the office end user.

This accessory lets you switch seamlessly between a computer and a smartphone – ideal for when you want to transition quickly from a video call to a phone-based one. The active noise cancellation can also help minimise distractions while you utilise office design services from Maris for banishing distractions more permanently with your office’s layout.

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