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Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game Review

Reviewed by David Savage

With childhood obesity on the rise and too many children being less active by playing computer games or apps on smartphones and tablets children need more help to be encouraged to play inside or outside (depending on the weather) and get active. We were delighted when we received the Gotrovo Original Treasure Hunt Game, Clue Card Expansion Set and Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game Mini for review which encourages children to put down their electronic devices, get up from in front of the television and Get Active!

The Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game promotes imagination, reading skills, co-operation & team play and problem solving skills all in a fun way while getting the kids active.

On opening the Gotrovo Original Treasure Hunt Game we found; 1x double sided treasure map, 100x clue cards, 2x sheets of black sticky Velcro dots, 1x loot bag, 10x gold golden coins, 1x golden treasure bar and an instruction leaflet.


As it was raining we decided to play indoors rather than in the garden so used the blue clue cards for indoor trails (the cards are colour coded; Red for outdoors, Blue for indoors, Green for indoor and outdoor trails and Gold for role play games). Setting up the game was very easy; you affix the black dots to the numbered points on the treasure map and attach dots to the back on the clue cards (there are circles on the cards on where to affix them). Then lay a trail of trail of cards, we used the pictures cards but if using with older children you can use word clues (helps with their reading) or riddle clues (all depends of the age and ability of the children that are playing). You stick the first clue card to the map and hide the subsequent clue cards to where the card directs them to go, along with a gold coin). Hide the golden treasure bar in at the end where the last clue card directs them to go (we used 10 clue cards for our games).

Now the idea of the game is for the children to follow the clue cards to get to the next one, collecting gold coins for their loot bag with the ultimate aim of finding the golden treasure bar (I added a small snack to the box for them to have when finished).

Off we went. So the first clue card (we were using picture cards) was a picture of a shoe (has the word of the picture on the reverse), so the boys had to find the correct shoe in the house where the next clue card was hidden. This set them off on a hunt around the house (and they haven’t stopped since!). Eventually after a lot of talking, giggling and running around they reached their goal (with a little bit of help, after all they are only 4!) and found the treasure bar with their treat. They now want to play all the time!

We also received a pack of extra clue cards to give more variety to the game.

We also received the Mini version of the game which is a basically a travel version so only has clue cards and reward stickers in a handy travel carry bag. It is played the same way by hiding clue cards and following the clues with the winner getting a reward sticker. This makes it great to take to the park of friends’ houses.


Overall, we had great fun playing this game. It promotes an active lifestyle, thinking, reading, team work and talking and social skills. So while in essence it is an easy concept, it has lots of educational qualities (reading, logical thinking and communication skills) and health benefits (walking or running around), which has to be a winner in anyone’s book.

While we prefer the full version of the game with the map and treasure box as it gives added value and the idea of hunting for a treasure the Mini version in also brilliant for on the go and travelling about. We had lots of #GotrovoFun with both versions.

This would make a great game for families, a group of friends or a great game for children’s birthday parties! We love it. It’s a fun and educational game. Easy to follow and understand with different ways to play depending on the age and understanding of the children playing.

I would rate the full and mini version of the game as 5 out of 5 as the educational and fun factor and excellent and the fact that the children have to get up and move around is perfect. We look forward to playing more games in and out of the house.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.95 Original Treasure Hunt Game / £9.50 Mini version / Clue Cards Expansion £6.95

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