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GoodfellasTakeawayMightyMeatFeastGoodfella’s Takeaway Pizza
Mighty Meat Feast

Reviewed by Sally Ellis

I chose the Goodfella’s Takeaway Pizza with Mighty Meat Feast topping, which costs £3.75 from ASDA (also available at most other supermarkets). It certainly looked like good value for money from the box, boasting that it would be ready in just 18 minutes, as good as a takeaway and even including a sweet chilli dip – something I’ve never seen included with a frozen pizza before, but definitely a welcome addition in my view.

The box is designed to look like a takeaway box with perforations that makes it easy to open up the top and lift the pizza out, as well as the dip, which can be defrosted at room temperature while the pizza cooks or quickly zapped in the microwave – we chose to just leave it out, which worked a treat.

The instructions on the box were nice and clear, laid out in simple 1, 2, 3 format and even mentioned recycling the box when you’ve put the pizza in the oven, which earns Goodfella’s some green points for being environmentally friendly. There were also some handy tips on the box such as putting foil in the bottom of the oven in case of any toppings spilling over the edge, very helpful advice.

As promised, the pizza cooked in around 18 minutes and was a perfect mixture of crispy base but soft top, swathed in mozzarella and various meats – pepperoni, sausage meatballs, bacon – as well as peppers and onions. My husband is of the opinion the more toppings the better and in this instance I tend to agree! They are a fantastic mixture that complement each other and make for a very filling meal too. Of course then there was the sweet chilli dip and I can tell you that this was truly the pièce de resistance! I am a big fan of dips, not only for the pizza crust, but as a balance in flavours with the cheese and meat, creating a flavour sensation that enhances what was already a top-notch pizza experience.

For someone who usually spends around £2.50 on a frozen pizza, I am tempted to use the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’. I have wholeheartedly been converted to a slightly dearer pizza that outshines the opposition and is absolutely as good as a takeaway pizza. Not only would I happily buy the Goodfella’s Takeaway range again (there are 2 more varieties I need to try), I would highly recommend it to anyone who fancies a brilliant frozen pizza with tons of toppings and a delicious dip!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy from all good supermarkets.

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