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Golden Bear Toys Peek-a-boo Igglepiggle Review

PeekaBooIgglepigglePeek-a-boo Igglepiggle

Reviewed by Michelle Jenkinson

I received the Peek-a-boo Igglepiggle from Golden Bear Toys to review with my children. ‘In the Night Garden’ has been a firm favourite in my household for a number of years. My two boys have grown up watching ‘in the Night Garden’ on cBeebies and are now at an age where they rarely watch the bedtime hour as they favour playing with each other and their toys instead. My baby daughter loves interacting with her big brothers however due to smaller parts on a vast majority of toys aimed at her brothers age group this isn’t always feasible therefore toys that can entertain all three of them and are safe for all of them to play with are popular in our house.

When my boys saw Igglepiggle they both got very excited and wanted to play with him straightaway even using the cardboard packaging as a boat. What child doesn’t love the cardboard packaging on toys though!

My 5 year old enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with Igglepiggle and his baby sister. Peek-a-boo being a game that she loves to play like most babies do. My 3 year old took to carrying Igglepigge around pretending he was a baby and that he was looking after him. All three of my children loved the toy and all enjoyed interacting with each other and the toy.

The toy takes two AAA batteries which are included and makes three different sounds and says ‘Hello Igglepiggle’ when you push its tummy. The hands also cover Igglepiggle’s eyes when you press his tummy hence the ‘peek-a-boo’ in the product name.

The toy is aimed at 10 months plus however I don’t think the toy would be easy for a 10 month old to play with as squeezing the tummy can need quite a bit of pressure that a 10 month old would not necessarily have, and so I would have said it would be more suitable for 18 months plus. However, it does make a good interactive toy between a toddler/pre-schooler and a baby so would be a good toy for siblings.

The product seems to be of good quality and appears quite durable. As with toys that have soft bodied parts and batteries you are directed to not bring them into contact with water so they can be hard to clean.

The toy is well packaged though I am not a fan of cable ties on toys as they make packaging hard to get into as you need to cut the cable tie with scissors. If this toy was given as a present at Christmas or for a birthday, then there would be frustration in my household getting the cable tie off we much prefer the twisted ties as there are no need for scissors.

I would recommend the product to people whose children are fans of In the Night Garden. The toy would also make a good present for a toddler who is getting a new sibling.

The product is reasonably priced for a toy from a television show.

Overall I liked the product however I would have liked there to have been a few more sounds and sayings when you push his tummy making the toy more interactive. I have no doubt Peek-a-boo Igglepiggle will be played with by my children for a long time to come.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

Approx size: 30cm | Suitable age: 10 months +

Available to buy from Golden Bear Toys here.

4 Star

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