Give Your Furbaby A Health Boost

Our pets – dogs especially – have a tendency of becoming like our babies, which is why a lot of people refer to them as furbabies. As a pet parent, you want to ensure that your pup is as healthy and happy as can be, which is why it’s so important to take their health seriously. Just because your pooch runs around and wags his tail constantly, that doesn’t mean that he’s as healthy as he could be. To ensure that your pet lives to a ripe old age and has a happy life, it’s important to make their health a priority. This means knowing what it takes to keep them healthy and always doing what’s best for them.

Want to know the best ways to give your furbaby a health boost? Read on for a list of tips and ideas:

Walk them the right amount

Dogs need exercise, of course, they do, but believe it or not, not all dogs need a lot of exercise. The chances are that when you thought about getting a dog, one of your main concerns was whether you would have time to give them all the exercise that they would need – you were probably told it would be at least an hour a day. However, what it’s important to understand is that each dog is different and needs different amounts of exercise. Smaller breeds with smaller legs tend to need less exercise than larger breeds – around 40 minutes of exercise a day. While some larger dogs, such as German Shepherds, require over two hours of exercise a day. It all depend on the breed. The last thing you want is to overdo it because if you do, this can lead to problems in later life with your dog’s joints. So, make sure to find out from your vet exactly how much exercise your dog should be getting.

Feed them high-quality food

Just like our diet has an impact on our health, the same applies to dogs. If you want a dog that’s happy and healthy, then it’s important to invest in their food. Ask any vet, and they’ll tell you to steer clear of supermarket dog food because it’s low-quality food. Instead, they recommend buying food that’s only sold in veterinary practices, pet stores or on specialist pet websites. In terms of the best types of food for dogs, most vets recommend either raw foods, cold pressed dog food, or organic food. However, what is best for your dog will depend on what their individual needs are – often it’s simply a case of trial and error.

Stimulate their brain with new activities

Dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures, which is why it’s important to ensure that your dog has plenty to keep him occupied. The last thing that you want is your pet getting bored because it can have an impact on their happiness and mental health. Dogs can get depressed too, especially if they’re bored, which is why it’s so important that you ensure your pup has plenty to keep him occupied. Lots of toys are important, including soft toys, balls, and treat toys that make your pooch work to get treats out – these offer a fantastic amount of stimulation. It could also be worth signing your pup up to a pet class of some sort, to allow them to socialise and spend time with other dogs. Studies have shown that dogs that spend time with other dogs tend to be happier.

There you have it, a guide to boosting your furbaby’s mental and physical health.

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