Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor Review

Reviewed by Tracey Flintham

I received the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor to review.

The razor came in a set which included a gold coloured travel bag, 75ml Satin Care Pure & Delicate shave gel and a replacement razor cartridge. The travel bag is a perfect size for transporting the razor and other toiletries.

The Venus Embrace Sensitive razor has been designed to minimise the irritation associated with other razors with five blades for a closer shave, even on sensitive skin. The handle of the razor is a pale green colour and is easy to hold with a textured grip to allow for smooth and safe control when using the razor in the bath or shower, even when you have wet hands. The cartridge container opens easily and the handle securely clips into the blade and can be removed safely and easily. The cartridge can then be placed back in the container if needed although the release was a little stiffer than I am used to making it slightly fiddly to remove from the handle.

The razor was exactly as I expected from Gillette, the blade cartridge is quite flexible which allows it to move over the different contours of the body easily giving a great shaving experience, very easy to use and no irritation of any skin at all after usage. The shaving gel had a nice fresh smell to it and lathered up easily.

Even with wet hands the handle was easy to hold and use with a secure grip and little chance of slipping when shaving, ensuring that you can achieve a close shave with no nicks or cuts. It is a far more superior system to the 3 blade razors currently on the market and there is no chance of me using a disposable razor system ever again.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99 (Razor with 1 blade)

Available to buy from Superdrug here or Boots here.


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