Ghost the Musical at the Edinburgh Playhouse Review

Ghost the Musical
Edinburgh Playhouse

14 May – 1 June 2013

Reviewed by Lynsey Roberts

Being a fan of the film, I was intrigued and really looking forward to seeing how Ghost would be preformed as a musical on the big stage at Edinburgh Playhouse.   

Ghost is a classic romance, where the main character is tragically murdered as part of financial corruption gone wrong by his colleague and friend. While stuck between life and the after live, and struggling to adapt, he finds and befriends a physic to help him warn his girlfriend that she is in danger, after identifying the men who killed him and reason behind his murder.

The lighting and special effects in the show were outstanding, I was amazed consistently throughout. It made the storyline even more believable and set the atmosphere magnificently! The stage looked magnificent, they stuck to only a few difference simple sets which worked well and was very effective, which also meant they were changed over easily and with no distraction to the audience throughout the show.

The only song I recognised was the films famous unclaimed melody which was sang beautifully by Stewart Clarke playing Sam. Although not knowing any of the songs, they were all very enjoyable and complimentary to the storyline.

I didn’t feel the dancing was as strong as I had seen in other musicals; however the dance routines were not a fundamental part of the show and therefore it didn’t take away from the storyline or my enjoyment of the production.

All the actors were very believable in their roles. The love story between Molly and Sam came across wonderfully, and really got you hooked! Karlene Wray played the part of Oda Mae Brown (my favourite character in the film and production) brilliantly; she was comical throughout, as were her assistants!

We had seats in row C in the circle, which although were quite high up, were still fairly good seats. This part of the theatre is however on the same level as the entrance meaning there are no additional stairs to climb, so perhaps the best choice for anyone with mobility issues.  We enjoyed an interval drink in one of the many bars situated within the Playhouse, where the staff were pleasant and polite. I would recommend pre-ordering these drinks if possible – the staff will have them waiting for you when you come out – preventing any waiting around or queuing, allowing you to enjoy and make the most of interval.

Any scepticism I may have had around being able to transform this blockbuster film into a stage production has gone. The storyline of the original film was followed exceptionally well, the special effects and stage production was magnificent and the performances of the cast were outstanding. Although a very difference production than I have seen in the past, it would be up there with my favourites. I had a wonderful night, watching a heartfelt romance along with a few laughs thrown in!  I would defiantly recommend this show to family and friends.

Rating: 5/5

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