Ghost Stories by Pennie Mae Cartawick Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Ghost Stories by Pennie Mae Cartawick is a book made up of 2 short, creepy ghost tales: Silence Be Damned and The Exchange.

Silence Be Damned is the story of Lydia who after being diagnosed with epilepsy is no longer allowed to drive so is forced to use public transport. On her way home she accidently bumps into a man on the escalator onto the train platform and this is the start of her nightmare journey, she has somehow boarded a ghost train and her life is now in danger.

The Exchange sees 11 year old Luke moving house again for the third time in a year after the death of his father. They have moved to a new state so he doesn’t know anybody. He decides to talk to a girl that he sees on a swing in the local park but she has a tragic past and wants revenge. Luke and his family are now in mortal danger. With the help of phone calls from his dead father and a bathroom mirror he has to try and save his family from murderous intentions.

Overall, these 2 short stories are extremely well-written. Spine-tingling ghost stories set in everyday locations that will get your attention and make you think twice when boarding a train, visiting a park or looking into a bathroom mirror. You never know when and where a ghost with a grudge and seeking revenge will appear, even in the innocent form of a child.

My favourite is The Exchange and would love to see this expanded into a longer novel.

Excellent ghost stories, expertly written with great characters. Definitely a MUST READ for lovers of ghosts and the supernatural. I will be looking out for other supernatural stories by Pennie Mae Cartawick.

Suitable for older children and adults.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy as an eBook or a paperback from Amazon here.

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