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Getting A Good Nights Sleep With The Dormeo Octasmart Plus Mattress Review


Reviewed by Jo Tebbs

After a long hard day, whether that be a busy day in the office, back breaking work on the building site, or chasing around after a toddler, there’s nothing better than when the clock ticks to a point whereby the decision gets made, it’s now time to head to the inviting, glorious haven that is…bed!

Nothing makes me sigh a more welcomed, relaxing ‘ahhhh,’ than when I slowly lie my weary body down, letting the stressed and strains melt away, as I happily drift off into land of nod!

When you think that on average that we spend approximately 26 years of our life sleeping, this equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours… that’s a lot of time lying horizontal! And thus, there are multiple factors which all contribute to whether we get a good nights sleep, or not.

I deem a decent mattress to be one of the most important purchases for your home, and a key component to getting a decent, restorative nights sleep.

Dormeo is a ‘household’ named brand known for their mattresses and other bedding accessories i.e. mattress toppers and pillows. For the past 15 years, this company has provided homes across Europe with Italian made products, and they are synonymous for high quality yet affordable bedding. They have a wide range of different mattress types available for purchase, at varying prices, in order to suit all budgets and also for an individual’s comfort type and preference.

Memory foam mattresses are expected to last anywhere between 10-15 years (dependant upon the materials that they are made from and if treated with the correct care) so choosing the ‘right’ mattress is essential. You can never truly gauge, whilst you quickly and expectantly lie on a showroom demo model, whether those 5 minutes of testing have enabled you to select your ‘perfect’ mattress. Fortunately, Dormeo have come up with a solution to this and offer a ‘risk free 60 night trial with free returns’ should you not be satisfied with your purchase. Firstly, this provides you with a level of confidence that should the mattress you choose not be the ‘right one,’ then you can return it. I also think that this offer is testament to the level of service that Dormeo offers its customers. I also believe that Dormeo have such a great deal of confidence in their own products, that they doubt that their mattresses will actually ever get returned.

The Dormeo Octasmart Plus Memory Foam mattress starts in price at £599.99 (for a single), and goes up to £1,199.99 (for a Superking). If you feel that this may be a little out of your price range, the company carries out sales at various times during the year. You can sometimes (as per the May 2021 sale) steal (editor’s note – reviewer means buy) one of these Octasmart Plus mattresses for the bargain sum of half price!!! That’s well worth looking out for and the sale price certainly makes less of a dent in our purse. With a mattress being such a pertinent part of getting a good nights sleep, I personally think this is something that shouldn’t get scrimped on. I, like many other people, would certainly pay to ensure that I get a decent nights sleep. When you break down the cost of the mattress against its lifespan, it equates to only a few pence per day!

The Octasmart Plus mattress is available for purchase in the standard sizes of; a single (3ft or 90cm x 190cm), double (4ft 6” or 135cm x 190cm), king (5ft or 150cm x 200cm) and super king (6ft or 180cm x 200cm), so you can be rest assured that these mattresses are available to fit almost all beds. The depth of the mattress is 17cm and it is rated as ‘medium’ in firmness. This is one of the thinner mattresses that Dormeo sell.

I couldn’t wait for my new double mattress to arrive, and I longed for the deep and peaceful sleep that I was expecting to enjoy! No matter how dark I can make my room, how cool the environment, or how luxurious the thread count of my freshly washed linen, personally, I always find that it all comes down to the mattress and the pillows which result in whether I enjoy a restful slumber!

What surprised me the most when my mattress arrived, is that it came in a box!!! This is a such a novel and unexpected way of delivery, especially when compared to standard methods. The mattress was vacuum packed and wrapped in plastic, which massively reduced the size of it (box dimensions: 149cm (h) x 39cm (W) x 40cm (d). This could be extremely helpful should you be moving house, because it is easy to store and less cumbersome. It also means that it’s less likely to get damaged or dirty in transit, so essentially, you can buy a brand new mattress in preparation for a house move and then it’s ready immediately for the first night in your new home. Alternatively, if you’re replacing your current mattress but haven’t yet disposed of the old mattress because you aren’t entirely sure when the delivery date for the new mattress will be, this delivery method is extremely helpful to ensure that at no point will you be left ‘mattress-less.’ Once it’s arrives, then you can then store it safely away until a convenient time for you to dispose of the old one!

The box dimensions for the Octasmart Plus double mattress were 149cm (h) x 39cm (w) x 40cm (d) and please note, the weight of the box was 22.5kg. If you’re anything like me, you’ll still likely need an extra pair of hands for manoeuvring the box and mattress around, due to the size and weight of it.

This particular mattress from Dormeo is made from award winning Octaspring® aerospace technology. It has won a catalogue of awards due to its lightweight yet supportive nature, including an Apex Award and in 2019, a Yacht and Aviation Award.

The mattresses structure is comprised of main 3 layers;
1. Top layer; a visco-elastic, memory foam top layer that’s designed to relieve pressure and mould to your individual body shape, but has properties that allow it to return to its original form, day in and day out. So in theory… there should be no sagging or ‘dips’ in the mattress over the course of the years that it is used.
2. A smart Octaspring® layer; this is a specially engineered layer of 9cm Octasprings, providing the level of support for your back, hips and shoulders which you would generally expect from a mattress with springs, but yet, has all the comfort and benefits that foam provides. They also allow for constant airflow through the mattress making it more breathable compared with pure memory foam, and thus, it helps to keep you cooler at night. Dormeo boasts that this specialist technology keeps you 3°C cooler.
3. Base layer; made of Ecocell foam to assist with supporting your body whilst you sleep.
Furthermore, an anti-allergenic smart performance cover is used to bound these layers together. It aids in protecting against dust mites, mould and bacteria so overall, we gain from a healthier, cooler and more comfortable sleep environment which in turn, results in longer, deeper and better quality sleep!

I was also really pleased to find out that this mattress is 100% recyclable. What a fantastic way to gain better sleep but yet also help to look after our environment and planet too. There are hundreds of mattresses found in landfill sites across the country.

All of the Octasmart® products are also free from harmful chemicals whilst being certified by OEKO-TEX. Once again, this provides me with a great deal of confidence in the quality and high standards that Dormeo ensure their products are made to.

It’s certainly worth checking out the Dormeo website (https://www.dormeo.co.uk). It’s extremely simple to navigate and you can explore all the different products and bedding bundles available for purchase (with all the descriptions and specifications of such items listed).

Now, all that’s left for me to do, is to go and enjoy some comfortable shut eye, as my Dormeo Octasmart Plus mattress envelopes and cradles my tired body!!!!

Rating: I would rate this product: 5/5

RRP: £799.99 for the standard double 4ft 6” mattress

The product can be purchased from here.

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