Fresh Faced Powder Soft Sand Review

Fresh Faced Powder
Soft Sand

Reviewed by Anna Edwards

My first impressions of this face powder were that the packaging was basic, a printed clear flip up lid on a basic black base – simple, but reminds me of supermarket or teenaged make up. I hadn't heard of Miners Cosmetics as a brand before, so had low expectations from the packaging. I normally use another brand pressed powder over cream – I don't have great skin, so find the combination of a light foundation and powder works pretty well to make me look human.

A pet hate of mine is powders with no pad to apply with, it means you either need to buy one separately, or use a brush. I decided on the latter option when trialling this powder.

I have to say, on day 1 I was really pleasantly surprised by this powder, I don't know if I had applied more than I normally would by using a brush rather than a pad, but it gave really good coverage and I looked quite alive (and considering I have 3 children under 3, this is impressive!). It didn't look mask like, blended easily and lasted well. I had plans to go out to dinner that evening, and finally got round to getting ready to go out at about 6pm, and really didn't need to re-do my face, just added a bit more to my eyes.

I've used the Fresh Faced powder for another 2 days since, and am still really pleased with it. I would say it's easily comparable to the powder I've used before, and is about 1/5th the price. I think I can cope with buying a new brush for it for that kind of saving!

I'd give it 4/5. Probably would only be improved if it came with a pad for application – or if the packaging looked just a little bit more interesting. I'm quite intrigued to try the foundation now.

RRP: £3.99 (Size 12g)

Rating: 4/5

Miners Cosmetics Fresh Faced Powder is available in Tranlucent Ivory, Soft Sand and Warm Honey. All three are available to buy from Miners Cosmetics here.

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