Food for Friends by Edward Hayden Review


Food for Friends
by Edward Hayden

Revieweed by Alexina Golding

On first glance the book is bright and colourful, I do like a hardback recipe book, it needs to be durable. Also it has a book mark, which many cookery books don’t have.

It is sectioned into themes rather than starters, mains etc…

The pages are well laid out with the recipe on the side, how many it serves. As well as having a few handy tips in text boxes, this is good for the novices, also helps with what cuts of meats to ask for and how they should be trimmed. Which is something I am often unsure of.

There is a good variety of recipes to choose from and nothing too obscure, a handy family book that adapts to meals with friends.

We have tried a few recipes and enjoyed them, they do have quite a few stages, but are easy to follow. Even my 13 year old followed one and the results were delicious.

I am looking forward to making more recipes.

On the whole the book is informative, breaks down the steps easy, plenty of colourful pictures.

One slight change that could be made is that there isn’t any idea on how long preparation takes. I know everyone works slower, but it helps when needing to preheat ovens etc… or if you can do the prep in advance and place in fridge for cooking later.

Rating: 4/5

Food fo Friends is available to buy from Amazon here.

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