Flexyfoot Walking Stick Review

FlexyfootFlexyfoot Walking Stick

Reviewed by Rosemary Knight

I suffer from severe arthritis and following recent knee surgery I was really struggling to walk with my unwieldy NHS crutches, when my daughter suggested that I try the Flexyfoot walking sticks.

I received two of these – a black Folding Stick with its own carry case and an electric blue, fully adjustable, telescopic Urban Hiking Pole, both of which are extremely comfortable and easy to use. They also look incredibly funky and stylish. I was embarrassed to walk with my crutches as I thought they made me look like a frail old lady, but the Flexyfoot Sticks look much trendier and would be ideal for a younger person, who doesn’t like the stigma of walking with a stick.

I was previously scared of going out in adverse weather conditions as I did not want to slip on the wet ground, but the innovative, flexible Flexyfoot ferrules ensure extra grip by remaining in contact with the ground at all times, even when twisting and turning, and give me more stability and confidence. The cork handle is extremely comfortable to grip. The shock absorbing sticks feel springy and give safe, flexible support, so that I have much less discomfort in my wrists and arms than when I had to use my old crutches.

I am so glad that I discovered these sticks as they have given me so much more confidence. I now feel safe and secure when walking. I would most definitely recommend these to anyone, young or old, who has difficulty in walking or just need something for hiking.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £39.99 (Urban Hiking Pole) / £39.95 (Walking Stick)

Available to buy from Flexyfoot here.


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