Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo And Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

As I’ve been getting older I’ve started to notice that I’m getting a few more noticeable facial hairs and, whilst I’m not quite turning into the bearded lady yet, I have been thinking I should probably start to look at options for removing them. As I’m a complete novice when it comes to these kind of things (other than some painful attempts at home waxing in my early twenties) I was delighted to be asked to review two Finishing Touch Flawless facial hair removing products from JML as they sounded like they could be just the solution I was looking for.

Firstly, I was sent the new Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo. This is a lighted facial exfoliator and hair remover that can be used for professional style dermaplaning at home without the need or cost of visiting a salon. Having never tried dermaplaning before this was all new to me, but from a little bit of research I could see that dermaplaning is the removal of dead skin cells and hair from the face, using a blade, to leave the skin smooth and radiant and even younger looking which sounded very appealing. I must confess that the sound of using a blade on my face was slightly scary, however upon opening the box and looking at the Dermaplane Glo I could see I had nothing to worry about. The Dermaplane Glo is a small elegant looking wand. Inside the box there was the Dermaplane Glo itself, an AAA battery – (which is always a positive to have this included) and a plastic tray containing six spare blades. There were also some very detailed instructions alongside a quick start guide which was reassuring. I also liked the fact that there was a sticker on the handle with an arrow showing me where the battery needed to go, so there was no doubt about it and it was really easy to open the battery compartment and insert it.

Before getting started I read the instructions carefully and found them very user friendly. I particularly liked the photographs showing me what each part of the Dermaplane Glo was and also images of how to use the Dermaplane Glow for the best results. There was also a link to a video tutorial which could be watched online which is also a great idea as I am a very visual learner and this really gave me confidence to get started.

I found the Dermaplane Glo surprisingly easy to use. It was really light and shaped so that it was easy to hold the blade in the correct position against my face. The light was a really good addition as it really lit up my face so I could clearly see what I was doing and where I needed to use the blade to remove hair and fuzz. The blade felt very comfortable against my skin and didn’t cause any irritation. I only had to use a very light, feathery, action and tried to follow the suggested pattern in the instructions which seemed to work well. My skin did look nice afterwards and I was pleasantly surprised with the results given that this was my first attempt at dermaplaning so had been fairly cautious. I need to leave my skin for 2-4 weeks now before having another go, but I am really looking forward to using the Dermaplane Glo again to see if I can get even better results.

As mentioned above the Dermaplane Glo comes with six spare blades, which I found very easy to change using the small button on the wand to remove the old blade, and then pushing the end into one of the new ones until it clicked into place. As the instructions recommend using a new blade every time this means that the set will last for seven uses. I am unsure if you can buy extra replacement blades as I couldn’t see this specified in the instructions.

I would highly recommend the Dermaplane Glo as it is very user-friendly and made my skin look lovely.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from JML here.

As well as the Dermaplane Glo, I was also sent the Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover to test. This is a compact, battery powered, facial hair remover which is designed to look like a lipstick. This means that it is discreet and can easily be stored in a handbag or make up bag and used anywhere. It is available in different colours from the website, I was sent a rose gold one which looks really nice. The head is actually 18 carat gold plated as this acts as a hypo allergenic, so as well as looking nice it is good for the skin.

The hair remover came in a really nice black, gold and pink box which gave lots of information about the product and was very visually appealing. In the box was the Hair Remover, a cleaning brush and an AA battery (again this is great that the battery is included so you are ready to start as soon as you open the box). There were also some instructions on how to use the hair remover with hints and tips on getting the best results.

I was relieved to see that the product was dermatologist approved and suitable for use on all skin types. There was also a guarantee that the hair would not grow back thicker after using the hair remover – this is something that I am always worried about so it was reassuring to read this wouldn’t happen (although I haven’t had a chance to confirm this yet!).

It was really easy to get started with the Facial Hair remover. I loved the fact that there were removable stickers on the product to show me what to do which made it very simple. There was a sticker showing which way the battery went in, one to show me how to switch the hair remover on and another telling me to use it in a circular motion. The hair remover has a light on it which I found really useful for helping me to see where there was hair to remove. The head moves in a circular motion to remove the hair and is very quiet. It felt very comfortable and didn’t leave any irritation to my skin, I was impressed by how well the hair was removed as well so it will be interesting to see how it grows back. The hair remover can be used daily to avoid regrowth and I think this is probably important to ensure the best results. You can also buy replacement heads by following the instructions inside the pack.

I would definitely recommend this hair remover as it is discreet but does the job well.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from JML here

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