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Fickaskap Waterproof Phone and Valuables Wallet Review

Reviewed by Kelvin Tebbs

I was very excited to receive my Fickaskap waterproof phone and valuable wallets in the post. They were delivered via the Royal Mail in a neatly packaged and labelled A194 (size: 29.2cm x 19.4cm) brown, cardboard, recyclable envelope.

Although the package was labelled ‘fragile,’ I think this was just a generic packaging envelope because the contents are certainly extremely robust and do not require delicate handling.

Inside the packaging, I found my 2, Fickaskap products which are small, handy wallets that allow you to keep your phone and valuables protected from water and the elements. The front of the wallet, appears to be made of a thick but flexible plastic which is easy to bend and transparent. The back of the wallet is made of a different black, opaque plastic.

The wallets were attached to a cardboard, backing plate. This was deep red in colour with white writing. At the top of the card, it stated the brand name ‘Fickaskap’ along with the company logo, 2 inverted ‘V’s’, which I assume is meant to be representative of mountains. It also states the size of the wallet in the top, left hand corner ‘regular’ and ‘large’ along with the product description ‘waterproof phone and valuables wallet.’ At the bottom on the packing, it explains as to which phone the wallet is compatible with. For example, the ‘regular’ wallet is suitable for the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Google Pixel and smaller phones whereas the ‘large’ fits the iPhone 7 plus, Galaxy S8/S8+, Google Pixel XL.

The packaging is very simplistic, straightforward and clear. There are also some basic instructions as to how to attach the wallet to the cardboard backing plate.

At the bottom of the backing plate, is some further formation regarding the wallet.

The wallet has 2 sections so you can protect not only your phone but other valuables i.e. money, keys, credit cards etc.

Also to note, the wallet is touchscreen compatible. Compared with other similar products on the market, this to me is a key feature which makes the Fickaskap product stand out from others. Should you receive a text message, it allows you to be able to read the message and reply without requiring you to remove the phone from the wallet and thus protects your valuables from the environmental factors which you are trying to avoid it coming into contact with i.e. water.

Furthermore, the packing is also IP67 certified (dust proof as well as waterproof), so as a consumer, you are reassured by the quality of this item.

On the back of the backing plate it confirms the size of the phone that it will fit; i.e. the regular fits 147mm x 80mm compared with the large, 167mm x 90mm. There are 9 pictures demonstrating the activities/conditions that the wallet could be used whilst participating in i.e. rambling, cycling, skiing, horse riding, rock climbing, kayaking, fishing, sailing and partying.

A barcode is present along with the universal recycling symbol and it says that the product is made in Taiwan but designed and manufactured by Fickaskap Limited. It also gives the website address; where you can gain further details about the company and their product range available.

A key piece of information that is stated on the back is that the wallet has been certified as watertight for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1m. It protects the contents against rain, sweat, snow, ice, mud, sand and grit.

The product is fantastic is you are interested in outdoor pursuits. Also on a practical level though, for example if you work on a building site, this wallet will help to keep your valuables safe from the dust etc. of the building as well as the sweat you may produce, especially if it’s kept in a shirt/ trouser pocket and also against the weather conditions.

The wallet itself has a very stiff and tight, press seal/snap seal found about 1cm from the opening which you slide the valuables through. Potentially over time, when being frequently used, this seal may perish or loosen. Always be sure to double check the seal has been fully pressed closed otherwise water may potentially leak into the wallet. The wallet then flaps shut with a strong line of high strength Velcro to double secure the valuables. The flap displays the Fickaskap brand name and logo in grey writing.

Inside the wallet was an informative sheet which gives some further instructions regarding the product and cleaning instructions. It mentions that the wallet is made of 100% nylon rip-stop and TPU films. It has ultrasonically welded seems. It stipulates that the wallet can be cleaned using a damp cloth but to avoid putting it in a washing machine or using detergents on it.

Overall, I this is a great little wallet which is extremely practical and a great idea to give to someone as a purposeful gift. Why not treat Dad with Father’s Day around the corner or alternatively, it would make an ideal Birthday or Christmas gift for anyone into outdoor or water-based activities.

I would rate this product 4.5 out of 5.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £23.48

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