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Reviewed by Anon

This book could not have come at a better time.  My eldest granddaughter loves reading, so, when asked to review this book, I was excited. It was not just for my granddaughter but after carrying out some research about the book and the author, Lucy Cole, I was very pleased to learn that Lucy is an NLP Practitioner, as am I.

The world of NLP is a great way to help others and especially for young children.

It has been a struggle for me to see and hear my granddaughters has been and still, going through issues of bullying. This has knocked her confidence, her self esteem and has also lost her energy for life. I have tried to help her, however, having such a close connection makes it hard for her to either listen or she chooses to switch off and not talk to me. It is for the reason and learning that Lucy Cole is of the same mind set as me with regard to NLP, that I was confident Lucy’s book would be the type of book my granddaughter would benefit from.

I had the hardback to review and the quality is very good, strong and robust. The quality of the illustrations on the front cover are great, very eye catching too.

It is created by Lucy Cole and written by Roland Moore and Martyn Niman.


Lucy Cole – This is an exert taken from within the book
Lucy is a Master NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Personal Evolutionary and Health Coach. She specialises in Grief Recovery for adults and children has created a new journal for children to help reduce anxiety, fight fears and build confidence.

Lucy also holds workshops. Click on this link where you can find out more.

Roland Moore – This is an exert taken from within the book
Roland is an award-winning author who wrote the Land Girls trilogy for Harper Collins which was based on the television series he created and wrote for BBC1. This is just 1 of his high achievements, others include Doctor Who, Space 1999 and Star Cops.

Martyn Niman – This is an exert taken from within the book
Martyn is the founder and creative direct of animation studios King Bee Animation and has been working in the animation industry for over 20 years. He has directed many animated content for brands including CBeebies, The Royal Albert Hall, Spiderman, PepsiCo and ACDC.


Take four teenagers, just four typically standard and ordinary teenagers and imagine if they were protectors and defenders of our planet. It would most certainly be a great planet to live on for everyone.

The four characters are Faythe, Kourage, Dreme and Harmony. Look again at the names with a slight variant on the spelling with some of them and compare them to these…. Faith, Courage, Harmony and Dream. What a lovely way to start off a story with such powerful and strong names that also gives what the reader needs.

Their roles are to protect the world using what is known as the Fearstone. This is a very precious gem to Faythe which through her generations of family, allows her to travel with her friends to fight off evil, evil which can be in wide range of subjects.

The story portrays a new girl that starts school and how the scenario of two’s company, three’s a crowd comes into play. I myself understood this, as I too, experienced bullying at school from the age of 9, right up to adulthood with domestic violence and cohesive abuse.

The new girl at school is known as Gemma Kendall but who is Gemma, is she nice or is there something sinister about her? As I say, the old saying of ‘two’s company, three’s a crowd comes into play and Faythe sees that her friends are turning against her. This is because they are following Gemma’s influence and before she knows it, Faythe finds herself fighting for her life.

In the book, it includes what happens when someone turns against you and how to come out the other side. It teaches the comfort of choosing, making and keeping the right friends.

Betrayal hurts and it cuts deep, no matter how old you are but a child’s school life is very important. It is important for so many reasons that shape them to become the adults we all want children in our families to become as well as all children in life. We want them to feel love, be accepted, have friends, feel safe, know that they can talk to anyone about anything. We also want them to be liked, have fun whilst learning that there are sad and bad things that can happen but what is important, is how they as children deal with the negatives. We do not want them hiding away, keeping quiet and suffering in silence and this is way Lucy Cole’s book is great for giving all our children the Faith, Courage, Dreams and Harmony all children should have.

Each chapter of the book helps the reader to deal with their daily issues, build up their confidence through self learning and help to improve how they think and feel about their thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviour. It can also help them to recognise, understand and support mental health.

As some of the chapters end, not all of them, there are great illustrations. These are in black and white.

I have to say, my granddaughter still has a long way to go but, her outlook has changed quite a bit, she has some energy back, a sparkle in her eyes and smile along with being able to interact more.

Rating: An outstanding and awesome 5/5.

There are a number of ways to purchase the book, either Kindle, Hardback or Paperback.

Kindle £4.99
Paperback £8.99
Hardback £12.99

You can purchase it direct from Amazon by clicking on the following link:-

With most of us on social media now-a-days, I was really pleased to see how much Faythe and The Fearstone has taken to the social media side of things. I have provided the links to all their pages, apps and websites.

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