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Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

I’m a straightforward nail polish type of girl. I’d love to get my nails done professionally but my lifestyle really doesn’t allow for that unless you can find me an extra day in the week and a justification for inevitably chipping it through housework, being a mum and working full-time. I do however, a couple of times a week (on a good week), paint my nails. The rest of the time I spend ignoring the fact that they don’t look perfect due to the afore-mentioned activities.

So when I read the box for the eye CANDY Gel Wrap System it seemed much too simple to be true; 3 simple steps to the ‘perfect result’. No use of UV lamps and I can use any of my favourite colours from my own collection, so no other investment needed. The box simply consists of a base coat and top coat; with the addition of your own polish of choice in-between – sounds quite simple right? So I went for my favourite French manicure ‘au naturale’ look which quite frankly I never wear because it lasts a matter of hours, until I have a pile of dishes to wash or a child to bath.

The base coat went on easily and dried surprisingly quickly, the top coat I applied thickly to ensure extra durability but it dried even before I found something that I urgently needed to do. Once complete the look was neat and glossy. I was keen to test it with my everyday life.

After a couple of days I could see that my usual chipped look was nowhere to be seen.  At this point the nail varnish remover would have come out amid mutterings of ‘I don’t know why I bother’ and ‘is it too much to ask to have your nail polish last for more of a day’. Well I can happily report that the eye CANDY Gel Wrap System have abolished one of my major annoyances in life and have indeed granted me the wish of having nail polish last for more than a day. So instead of reaching for the remover I decided to try it on my toes with my favourite bright, sexy red that quite frankly has got to last me through childbirth and beyond. Because who knows when I will next get around to painting my pinkies.

So I’d like to first thank eye CANDY for providing busy women everywhere with the lastability that we dream of for our nail colours. I would 100% recommend this to all of my friends and at £10.99 RRP would not hesitate in restocking my stash when needed. I feel like I have also discovered a secret that all mums everywhere should know about… despite the nappies, housework and sleep deprivation; we can still look good… spread the word and tell everyone!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £10.99

Available to buy from Soinvogue here.

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