Express EPoS Till System Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I received my Express EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) Till System back in May, but wanted to wait to write the review until I was a few months into using it. Before opting for Express EPoS, I must have trialled software from around 3-4 other companies and I opted for this system for price and functionality reasons.

My EPoS till system arrived quickly after ordering it. It was well packaged. I received the following:

Screen with integrated PC
Till Drawer
Receipt Printer
Connecting wires

I also received the following items free:

4,000 professional shelf-edge labels
Barcode generator
Back office software
Multi-beam scanner
Delivery, training & remote set up
USB card to get wifi

Setting up my EPOS Till System & putting through test sales

I couldn’t wait to get started. I put the till together in about 10 minutes and booted up the PC. At this point I telephoned the support team.

They helpfully pointed me in the direction of the Team Viewer application on the desktop and within a few seconds were online, remotely accessing my till system. The member of support staff tweeked some settings, I think related to which piece of equipment was connected into which USB slot. He then helped me access the till and back-office side of the software step by step. I was glad to see that you could set users for the till and each user had their own password to log in.

For the first few days, I got used to the system by doing test sales. We scoured the house for products with barcodes on. These were added quickly to the backoffice software. I love the fact that the back of the till screen displays the price to the customer. The scanner is lightweight and has a generous length lead. On the till side of the software, it’s laid out simply. There are some great ways to speed up processing a sale, for example: buttons for certain denominations of notes. Voiding a sale or processing a refund is simple. If an item has no barcode, the look up function is simple to use. There is a voucher/coupon button as well as the option for a cash or card sale. After around a week learning the system by putting through test sales, the support team reset me back to the start ready to start using the system for real life sales.


Using the system for my shop

From May until July 2017, I had a trial of a market stall down at Luton Indoor Market. I didn’t want to manually input hundreds of stock lines into the till. I was therefore delighted when the support team told me they could upload all of my products for me. I provided them with a csv file of my website stock levels and they then had my products all uploaded to the till a few days later. All I then had to do was add barcodes to all the products by going into the back-office settings of the till and scanning the item to add the barcode to the barcode field. A few things to note. If several different items, e.g. bird craft kit, car craft kit, have the same barcode, then you can only have it in the till once. I got around this by adjusting the name of the product slightly and used the till notes to record how many of each type was in stock. e.g. bird – 1, car – 2.

I would then update the notes after making a sale, so the combinations of each option was always up to date. Speaking of stock levels, the stock control on the till system is fantastic. It was great always knowing how many of each item I has in stock.

Printing off the daily sales report was an easy job. There’s even a button on the till side of the software so you can login to the back-office.

Whilst the system does not seamlessly link to Paypal Here, it was easy to just select the card option when making the sale and then manually put through the sale on my Paypal Here device.

There are too many features to go through each one in turn, but overall the functionality of the till is fantastic and the software is easy for a techie novice like myself to understand. When I have had any problems or queries, members of the support team have resolved them so quickly for me, by either logging into Team Viewer or explaining in simple steps what I am to do, or a combination of both.

The barcode labels are great quality and easy to print off using my laser printer. The receipt printer is so quiet.

I opted to add a mouse and keyboard to the till system.

One thing I found a bit irritating was the beep the touchscreen of the till made when pressed. A member of the support team kindly switched this off for me.

This till system is great. It’s perfect for my retail requirements. At the end of the 12 months, a client can decide whether to take up a low cost monthly support option. There is no requirement to do so. £899 (or £100 per month for 1 year on finance) for such excellent software and all the equipment comes with is excellent value.

I would recommend Express EPoS to other businesses looking for a till system. My business sector is retail, but they also have till systems perfect for those in the newsagent or hospitality sector.

One final thing to note, the till can be used for other PC functions like browsing the internet or adding other software. It has a generous specification to be used in this way.

All round, an excellent and innovative EPoS till system and company to deal with.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £899 (or £100 per month for 1 year on finance)

For more information, chat to the sales team or buy visit

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