Everybody’s Talking About Jamie at Milton Keynes Theatre Review


Reviewed by Zoey Caldwell

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Everybody’s Talking about Jamie, I haven’t seen the show before and I haven’t watched the movie. I did a google search and saw it is based on the story of Jamie Campbell a sixteen-year-old with huge dreams of becoming a Drag Queen.

Much of the musical is set around Jamie’s school and the pressure he feels knowing that his dream is not only big, but unconventional in any town- yet alone the industrial city of Sheffield.

At times the show is raw, the language is not for the faint hearted and if you are easily offended it is probably not for you, however it may open your eyes to a world that is completely alien to most.

Not only does this show highlight how prevalent homophobia and transphobia is, it shows the issues Jamie’s best friend Pritti faces as a young female Muslim. So far, this review is sounding bleak and as grey as an industrial skyline but Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is vibrant and at times laugh out loud funny.

One of the true heroes of the story is Jamie’s Mum (Rebecca McKinnis) there is nothing that she won’t do for her boy. A single mum left by Jamie’s bigoted dad, left to raise Jamie, and try to protect him from the truth about his dad. She scrimps and saves, losing her own identity to let her son be who he wants. This unconditional love is so heartfelt in the song “My Boy”. I am a mother of boys and I felt every word she sang; it was so touching. Rebecca McKinnis has a beautiful voice and certainly nailed her solos!

As well as his Mum, Jamie has an unlikely best friend in Pritti (Talia Palamathanan)- but despite her father believing Jamie leads her astray, Pritti proves to be the most beautiful friend to Jamie. She is there to support her best friend who is such a polar opposite- she is plain and understated but she is so much more and as the show transpires Pritti’s character shines and it is wonderful to watch her eloquently put the bigoted Dean Paxton (Jordan Ricketts) in his place.

Jordan plays the ignorant, bigoted teen very well, he certainly is one of the villains of the piece, alongside Miss Hedge (Georgina Hagen) a seemingly well-intentioned teacher but is too easily swung to support hatred. However, the true heart breaking moment of the show is Jamie’s realisation of what his Dad really thinks of him, the truth has been hidden by his well-meaning mum. The true sadness is that is a reality for so many in LGBTQ community and that is just heart breaking.

Jamie (Ivano Turco) was sensational! He can sing, he can dance AND he can sing and dance on tables in heels bigger than I would like to walk to the end of the room in! He has it all and I for one wouldn’t mind a pair of legs like that! He lights up the stage, brightens every scene he is in. I couldn’t fault him, he isn’t Ivano when he is on that stage, he 100 % is Jamie/Mimi.

As I mentioned earlier despite the show covering some dark topics and what must have been really hard times for Jamie the show is bright and beautiful. There are so many comical moments and rude innuendo’s thrown in and the drag queens that Jamie performs alongside for his debut are absolutely amazing.

I went into the show tonight, tired, and not knowing what to expect. I was blown away. Each and every member of the cast nailed it. The set was fantastic and the cast effortlessly moved pieces to transition was fabulous.

The musicians were faultless the songs were fitting for the tale they were telling and I can tell you that tomorrow, everybody that was in Milton Keynes Theatre tonight will be talking about Everybody’s talking about Jamie and what a blast it is!

Rating: 5/5
Tickets cost from £13.00 plus £3.80 transaction fee.
Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is at Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes from Monday 10th June until Saturday 15th June for more information or to book visit or call 0207 2061174.
Milton Keynes Theatre, 500 Marlborough Gate, Central Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK9 3NZ

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