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Airbrush Art Activity Case Review


Reviewer name Bharti Lim

One of my children is really into creative activities including painting. Its often quite difficult to know what art and craft kits are good, will work and can be used more than once.

We were recently sent the Airbrush Art Activity Case to try. The set comes with a battery-operated airbrush gun, 8 colour markers, 10 reusable stencils and 10 sheets of paper. We have never used an air kit like this before so I wasn’t sure how good it would be if I am honest. My children were both very excited about trying the kit, so excited they opened it whilst I was still in bed and they sneaked down to use it and create some artwork.

The kit comes with stencils that are pre-cut in a variety of designs from sunsets, rainbows to unicorns and other animals. The case is pink, and I would say the designs are more tailored to appeal to girls but both of my boys did happily use the set but not all of the stencils. I think that the kit could have a few more generic designs to appeal to both genders but despite that it did not stop my little artists. I did look to see if they had a blue kit with maybe different designs but didn’t find one which is a shame.

To get started you do need to remove all the little pieces out of the stencil so this can feel a little time consuming. You also need 2 x AA batteries for the airbrush, these are not included in the box. To operate the airbrush gun, you simply pop in the colour marker you want and press the trigger, using the stencil you wish to use. As you might expect this is a bit of a messy art kit, I would highly recommend that you protect the surface that is being used as the spray does spread and little hands aren’t always the steadiest. The paint did come off the dining table but it didn’t just wipe off so I did have to put a cleaner on the table and scrub well. I would recommend wearing apron or clothes for messy play as well.

Despite this, my boys absolutely loved creating different spray art designs using the various colours and happily used this kit day after day. I was impressed at how well the airbrush worked and how simple it was. It gave my children a different type of art toy, and they really enjoyed trying different colourways for the same design and experimenting if they could overlap colours and try fade into other colours. This is not something they would normally think about so it did really help them to think more creatively than have a paintbrush and paint would.

I don’t think I would think to purchase it for my children because of the stencil designs, and suspect the pink box may suggest it’s marketed for girls. I would definitely purchase this for a girl as a gift. I think the ability to be so creative in such a simple way is very appealing, and the possibilities are endless. I would have liked more generic stencils across the pack of 10.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £17.99

This product can be purchased from Argos here.

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