Essential Care Eye Duo Review

Essential Care Eye Duo

Reviewed by Emma Wasson

The product arrived carefully wrapped in green tissue paper, with a little bit of foil ribbon round the outside, which added that little extra Christmas sparkle.  The mascara and eye liner each came packaged in individual small rectangular boxes to protect each product, which did the job as each item was in perfect condition upon opening.

I never leave the house without mascara so have tried many different types of mascara on the market and I can honestly say that I love this mascara. When you take the wand out of the tube you get a lovely pleasant smell, very different from most normal mascaras, which can be attributed to the natural ingredients.

The brush itself is a standard curled mascara brush. Each time you take the wand out of its case it applies the correct amount of mascara without any clogging. I have tried this mascara out for the school run and you can apply a little to give you a natural look, and I have worn it out for a Christmas Party event where I applied more in layers to give the wow factor, and extra definition to the eyes. It evenly fans out each all your lashes without sticking or adding any clumps to your eye lashes.

I also found it easy to remove with eye makeup remover at night.

Eye Pencil
The eye pencil is a standard size, but the end is slightly chunky which means that the pencil applies easily to the eye area. It’s also very soft which made it easy to work with and I was easily able to apply more pencil to build definition for that extra special Christmas party look. It complimented the mascara well, when I used both together.

The eye pencil is also easy to remove with eye makeup remover.

Neither of these products caused any irritation to my eye area at all.

Overall I was pleased with the Eye Care Duo and will definitely be wearing the mascara every day, and would recommend to others. I would say that this eye duo was good value for money, in comparison to other similar brands you can buy on the market. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £27

Available to buy from Essential Care here.

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