Epos ADAPT 165T USB-C II Headset Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

As everyone knows, life has changed a lot over the last year since the start of the global pandemic. For me this has meant a move from going into the office every day to see my colleagues and having face to face meetings, to staying at home, turning the dining room table into a home office and mastering virtual meetings. Before Covid I had never even opened Microsoft Teams, now I use it daily for chats with colleagues and numerous meetings each week. I’ve even considered getting a sign printed with “you’re on mute” to hold up as a helpful aid to struggling colleagues!

I have found that an essential tool for successfully participating in virtual chats and meetings has been a pair of headphones, which really help to block out distractions (like the children home schooling or my partner who is also home working), I’ve been borrowing my partner’s rather old and uncomfortable headphones which do the job, but certainly aren’t brilliant and really make my ears hurt after a long meeting. So, when I was asked if I would like to try one of the EPOS Adapt 100 Series Headsets I jumped at the chance.

The EPOS Adapt 100 series are a range of headsets that are designed to meet the demands of today’s hybrid workplace. There are a total of 18 different models to choose from which differ depending on the type of connection and whether they are single or double sided. I was delighted to receive the Adapt 165T USB II headset, which has both USB and 3.5mm jack connectors and double-sided large leatherette ear pads. The headset arrived very quickly and came in a handy draw string storage bag. I was impressed that the headset folds flat for ease of storage.

My first impression of the Adapt 165T was that it is a high-quality headset. It feels very sturdy and looks very smart. The headband itself is padded and the ear pads can be moved up and down to achieve the perfect fit. There is a microphone boom arm that can be worn either down when in use, or folded up when not required. The boom arm is also very flexible and can be manoeuvred into the correct position very easily. Overall the headset felt very comfortable to wear.

It was very easy to connect the Headset to my laptop, it was simply a case of plugging it in to the USB port and it was ready to go. I was pleased that the headset has a nice long cable which gives freedom of movement when connected and there is also a small “control panel” that has buttons for opening Microsoft Teams, adjusting the volume and muting which was great and very easy to use. There is also the option to detach the “control panel” which gives the option to connect the headset via a 3.5mm jack, which would be ideal for connecting to a phone or tablet when out and about.

I couldn’t wait to try the headset out for my annual work Away Day (virtual of course!) where I would be required to talk and interact with people in the morning, as well as take minutes for a formal meeting in the afternoon. I wasn’t disappointed, the Adapt 165T was amazing. It was so comfortable to wear and the sound quality was brilliant, I hadn’t realised how poor the sound quality was in my usual headphones so it was quite a revelation to hear everyone so clearly. The microphone also worked really well and my colleagues confirmed that they could all hear me very clearly too. I actually found it a pleasure wearing the Adapt 165T headset, usually after taking minutes for a couple of hours my ears are really painful where my usual headphones are pressing against my glasses, but this time they didn’t hurt at all. The large leatherette ear pads are so comfy and they do a really good job of blocking out unwanted noises as well.

I would highly recommend the Adapt 165T Headset, it is high quality, looks really smart and professional, is very comfortable and has great sound quality. The added function of the Microsoft Teams Button and volume controls is also a real bonus. I only wish I had discovered this Headset last year, then I wouldn’t have had to suffer painful ears during every meeting. I can’t wait to wear this headset for my next meeting!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £70.00

This product can be purchased from EPOS here.

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