Elephant Meadow at Woburn Safari Park

Elephant Meadow

The keepers at Woburn Safari Park know exactly what their herd of Asian elephants like and this summer the park opens a new enclosure bringing all of their favourite things together – in one amazing new space! 

Elephant Meadow is a brand new enclosure opening on the 11thAugust, created by a team of experts, the new enclosure allows its huge residents to graze, bathe and dust to their hearts content. 

Elephants in the wild are naturally drawn to their favourite habitats and Elephant Meadow is a combination of all of these. The new space includes a water hole to drink from and bathe in; sandy areas for a good dust bath, which helps elephants dry off after a dip; and spacious areas for grazing on lovely fresh grass.  Plus with the changeable Great British weather, a nice shaded area from the sun or rain is also appreciated. 

Lucky visitors to the hugely popular Safari Park will have the advantage of an uninterrupted view of the elephants as they enjoy their new meadow, with unrivalled views from new grandstand seating. The clever design takes visitors even closer to these magnificent mammals, with a trench surrounding the area as a border, to ensure the elephants cannot stray.  

The keepers are delighted at this extended space for the herd, as Elephant Meadow is a first for UK zoos, with a generous 3,000 square feet for the three female elephants.   “Elephants absolutely love space to roam, graze and particularly they love to frolic in water. It’s a beautiful sight to see them enjoying a bath, so we’re certain they will enjoy this unique new habitat.” said Lynne Thomson, Head of Section – Elephants. 

Visitors can join the keepers daily for the very special ‘Meet & Greet’ sessions, which allows individuals the chance to get close to this endangered species in a special contact area –with a lucky few getting close enough to touch the beautiful Asian elephants.

Woburn Safari Park has spent more than £6m on animal housing in the past 4 years and this new enclosure is a fantastic benefit for both animals and visitors alike, bringing an exciting new visitor experience at no extra cost to their admission ticket.

“Here at Woburn Safari Park we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing excellent animal husbandry and investing in the welfare of our animals.  Woburn we are thrilled to provide the elephant herd with this wonderful enhancement to their home, as well as providing customers with another great reason to visit Woburn Safari Park” said Drew Mullin, General Manager. /

Opened in 1970, Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire is one of the UK’s largest safari parks. With over 300 acres of beautiful parkland, visitors can drive through to visit animals including white rhino, elephants, lions, tigers, black bears, wolves, bison, giraffes, lemurs, zebras, camels, wallabies, penguins, four types of monkey and a range of antelope.

Established by the 13th Duke of Bedford on the grounds of his estate, Woburn Abbey, the family has a long history of conservation dating back more than 100 years. Today, Woburn Safari Park is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence for the conservation of endangered wildlife and houses probably the biggest concentration of critically endangered African ungulates (hoofed mammals) on Earth.

Woburn Safari Park is a member of and contributor to the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

Visitor Information 2012

2012 Opening hours
Woburn Safari Park is open daily from the 10th February to the 5th November 2012.
From 25th March to 27th October:  10am to last entry at 5pm, closing at 6pm.
From 28th October: 10am to last entry at 3pm, closing at 4pm.

Ticket Prices:
Adult                                            £19.99
Children (three to 15 years)   £14.99
Seniors / Concessions           £17.99
Family Ticket (2 adults + 2 children) (available online only)

Woburn Safari Park is just off Junction 13 of the M1 and is around an hour from London, Cambridge and Birmingham. The park is signposted from junctions 12 and 13 of the M1 and is also easily accessible from the A5.

For more information, visit or call 01525 290407

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