egroPouch 1.0 Tog Sleep Suit Bag Review


Reviewed by Tammy & Anthony Wildblood

We were asked to do a review on the ergoPouch sleep suit bag – Triangle Pops which is an Australian product and have stockists in the UK and these can also be ordered online. Another bonus is that if you sign up to their newsletter, you receive 10% off your first order.

After using a number of sleeping bags and sleep suits with our little boy when he was a baby, we was looking forward to trying out a sleeping bag/sleep suit which would be suitable for a toddler as we know that if something is uncomfortable then we would know about it as our little one is very vocal and after us trialling it, this is what we found.

We have been given the 1 tog sleep suit to review and we have got to say on first impressions this looks a very smart sleep suit and to the touch it seems to be of superb quality. Upon taking a closer inspection of the product you can feel that this has been made from high quality materials and we wasn’t wrong as it is made from the following products; Outer – 100% organic cotton, lining – 100% organic cotton, sidewalls – 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane and the wadding is 50% organic cotton and 50% bamboo viscose and we have got to say you can tell that, not only, are they extremely skin friendly for your child but it will also be a long lasting product. The ergoPouch sleep suit bag – Triangle Pops design is top of the range and is top class, we never thought that there was much difference between organic and non-organic in clothing, but this has changed our mind.

When you hold it up straight you will think it is too oversized for your child but as you are able to change it from a sleeping bag into a sleep suit, this will actually last you years, not only in size but in product longevity. This also means that your money is lasting too and I‘m sure that the condition will remain fantastic so you will be able to pass it on in the family so it is well worth the money. We have found that other manufacturer’s sleeping bags only last a few months due to sizing and condition so you end up spending far more money in the long run.

When using a sleeping bag you don’t have enough room to move your legs or to stretch out and in the ergoPouch sleep suit bag – Triangle Pops, your child will not have that problem because as we all know, children like to kick their legs and move around in their sleep and this sleepsuit bag will not hinder your child’s movements which we found impressive as the other sleeping bags our son has tried did seem to do this.

You also don’t have to use this as sleep suit as it can be turned into a sleep suit where the legs are separate, so they are able to run around freely and play in it!! We have got to say, he loves it and he has the freedom to move and play while being kept warm on these cold day’s and lately we have had of lot of them so this was perfect timing to review the ergoPouch, we also used it in the car at night just to keep our child warm when travelling and it was just perfect as the legs were separate for the car seat and then he could go straight in bed without waking him up.

The other great idea we found was that when our son was running around, he wasn’t slipping over as the feet have a non-slip grip on them which, again, many sleep suits just don’t have these. The only negative comment which we also found a positive is that the sizing is slightly too big for the age even though it didn’t matter for us as we have more use out of it and we cannot wait to take it on holiday with us as you never know whether it will be hot or cold so this will be perfect for all weather.

There are many designs to choose from and many are unisex so this would make an amazing Easter present for an unborn baby or for a young family member as this will last years and not just 5 minutes so this would be money well spent. We wish there were adult ergoPouch sleep suits as we would be asking for one for Easter too, you also get a free room thermometer so you will always know when your baby will need the sleep suit on and this isn’t just for Easter, this would make an excellent gift for any occasion and you will know that nobody else has thought of it!!

This product does exactly what it says on the tin and is of superb quality and we’ve already been looking for a higher tog sleep suit ready for when it is needed as they do all different togs!!

These sleep suits may seem slightly expensive at first glance, but it is well worth the money… natural fibres = a better night’s sleep for you and a happy baby and money just cannot buy that.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £59.99

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