Eggnogg Colour-in Christmas Tablecloth Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

We love Christmas in our house, so it was fantastic to find the colour-in Christmas tablecloth from Eggnogg in our post box. It comes in a fairly small package, a bit like a folded road map, so would be easy to post off as a pre-Christmas gift to someone special.

When opened up the tablecloth is not huge, probably more suited to a children’s table at 1000 x 890cm but is a nice thick paper not flimsy at all. The tablecloth is covered in all sorts of drawings in loads of different sizes, there are large polar bears and snowmen, medium penguins and robins and small candy sticks and baubles to name but a few. There are loads of items to colour and all are done in a fun whimsical style.

One of the little niggles I had were the folds in the paper, where it fits into its map size packaging there ends up being at least 30 folds in the paper which were hard to get out even after being coloured in. I guess the only way round this is to roll it not fold it but that would make it more difficult to post. The other niggle was the front and back packaging is printed on the front of the table cloth so you lose an odd shaped piece, if it could be printed on the back it would make a much more useable finish.

Apart from those little niggles it’s a great idea and one that a family with several children could enjoy together. I sat around the table with my son and we each coloured in a section, excellent for that wintery afternoon on the run up to Christmas. have a great selection of different products on their website and I will certainly be purchasing more from them.

The colour-in Christmas tablecloth is a fantastic project to keep your children entertained and involved with the festive preparations.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £11.99

Available to buy from

4 half Star

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