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Eds Easy DinerEd’s Easy Diner
Euston, London


Reviewed by Cora Leslie

On a cold February evening in Euston, London, Ed’s Diner made a welcome sight. Its bright, cheery exterior would have drawn us to investigate it further even if we hadn’t already planned to eat there.

When we entered we were immediately acknowledged with warm smiles by two waiting staff, who cheerfully informed us they would attend to us shortly: this they did. There was some initial confusion as to whether we were expected and this was understandable; Ed’s does not usually accept reservations. 

Although we had confused them, the staff were welcoming and friendly and took us to a table giving us menus to browse while we waited. The manager, Justine, came to see us and resolved the problem quickly and efficiently after a quick phone call. Considering the staff had not been expecting a review and were displaying their normal behaviour we were very impressed by their customer care.

The environment in Ed’s is relaxed and friendly but efficient. The clientele range from the very young to the older generations but they all usually have a common goal – good food, reasonably priced, served promptly.

The layout is typical of an American diner with a bar encasing the cooking area with booths and tables for those who prefer to sit at a lower level. There is background music, loud enough to enjoy but not loud enough to stifle conversation. 

We ordered a combo plate each; I opted for a chicken BLT and my partner had a slick dog. The combo meals include fries, onion rings and coleslaw.

When our meals arrived we were impressed by the quality and freshness of the food. All food is cooked to order and all the salad garnishing were extremely crisp and fresh. The chicken in my BLT was succulent breast, cooked perfectly and garnished with fresh lettuce and tomato. The slick hot dog was huge so I obviously had to taste that too, it would have been rude not to! Just as reported by my partner, it was delicious and lavishly topped with bacon, BBQ and cheese sauce. The accompanying fries were hot and crisp with a fluffy interior – perfect. The coleslaw tasted homemade and the onion rings were scrumptious. 

Ed’s serve a variety of drinks to accompany your meal and the filter coffee is refillable, a must for any caffeine addict! They do serve a small section of alcoholic beverages if that is your preference.

Throughout our meal were observed how Ed’s staff operate and we were impressed by their friendly attitude to everyone who entered and their attentive, but not overbearing, demeanour. I also felt totally confident with the manner in which food was handled and cooked, all visible from the dining area.

Although completely satisfied by our meal we could not resist the desert menu and opted for a double berry sundae to share. This was delicious and definitely highly recommended, I only wish we had left room for one each!

As this Ed’s diner is situated in the Piazza at Euston station the staff are under no obligation to provide toilet facilities (customers are usually expected to use the station facilities) however we noticed that they allowed customers to use the staff facilities. Justine (the manager) said that they were happy to do that and have plans approved to install new customer toilets in the near future. 

Although most of their customers tend to be in a rush: travellers, commuters etc, the staff do not make you feel under any pressure to rush your food and leave, quite the opposite. If we had had longer we would have stayed and sampled one of their range of milkshakes which seemed popular with old and young alike.

For a pleasant, relaxed environment to enjoy good quality, fresh, reasonably priced food, look for your nearest Ed’s diner. I will definitely be returning. Well done to Justine and all her staff.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information or to find your nearest Ed’s Easy Diner visit their website here.


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