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Eds Easy DinerEd’s Easy Diner

Reviewed by Meresa Bergin

We decided to visit Ed’s Easy Diner in Cambridge as we would be passing through on our holidays, we set off around 9.30am from Brighton and we had somewhere else to visit first so arrived around 1.40pm. There was a lot of roadworks being done near the town so trying to get to The Mall was a bit of a nightmare but we were told by rail and bus it is very easy and a 10 minute walk.

The diner is in the Grand Arcade and we parked in there which was £4.60 for two hours which was reasonable for the town I felt. We found a space and parked, I hadn’t read if the diner was in the North or South wing so we were lucky it was in the north side as this is the side we parked in! We arrived at the diner and there was a bit of a wait to be seated but we had come a little early so I didn’t mind, the diner isn’t the biggest I have seen there is around 5-6 places to sit inside and more outside in the mall area.

I was asked if we wanted a seat outside or to wait 10 minutes for one inside, we were in a bit of a rush so I picked the outside area. We were given the menus and told to look at the drinks first, I picked a banana shake and my husband had an Oreo one, our drinks arrived and we had also ordered some popcorn and chili and honey peanuts for starters, I did think the popcorn was a little odd as a starter but my husband liked it, the peanuts were lovely!

Sam come to serve us when we had finished and I ordered a Slick Dog which was a Hot Dog meal with BBQ sauce, cheese and bacon which came with fries, onion rings and coleslaw (£10.95) and my husband had the Big Bubba’s Bacon N Cheese Everything in ‘The Original’ with Ed’s Diner Sauce, plus sweet-cured bacon and American cheese, which also came with onion rings and coleslaw (£11.85) for a regular. As we waited we tried our shakes which were gorgeously thick, I loved the metal pouring jugs they came in.

Our food arrived and we suddenly noticed how small our table was as the two plates pretty much took it up and there wasn’t much room left for anything else or arm room. I also did feel slightly uncomfortable eating as people walked past as the seats are out in the front of the diner as shoppers walked past.

We both enjoyed the food, my husband commented on the fries saying they were like “real chips” and not the sort of fries you get in burger places which he dislikes. I loved the cheese sauce on the hot dog and fries, we had chosen to have cheese and bacon on our fries for an extra £1 there were also other sauces such as gravy, chilli and cheese you could also add for a £1.The hot dog was good quality, a real sausage not thin ones you can sometimes get, I loved the coleslaw as well with was mixed with chives. I felt you got a lot for your money and was great value.

The diner also has a children’s menu which has three choices of hot dog, chicken burger or a regular or veggie burger they all come with fries for £4.45 and they also have the choice of the shakes the adults do and other soft drinks. Sam also told us the kids menu has a colouring sheet on the back to keep the kids busy as they wait which I think is a good idea.

We were also told they have a gluten free menu which is a bonus as I know it can be hard to find places to eat as my friend has a gluten problem and we struggle to find places to go, Sam showed us the menu and it basically had everything the main menu had just without gluten which is nice to be able to eat the same thing as others.

As we waited for the deserts I went to the bathroom which was through the diner and upstairs I did get a little lost and nearly walked into the kitchen were staff were washing up, I did think this probably wasn’t the best idea if children were going to the toilet alone. I loved the toilets! They were like the ones you see in American teen movies such as Grease and Dirty Dancing, sadly a few of the toilets had no soap to wash your hands. On the way back outside I got to see the inside of the diner which was pretty cool with posters and a jukebox we were told all the money from it goes to Charity, the tables were just like in Grease!

Our deserts came, I had ordered a Vanilla Cheesecake £4.65 and my husband had a chocolate brownie £4.65 I was probably a little too full to eat mine but I did try it and it was gorgeous. My husband loved his and the waiter told us it was her favourite dessert as well which pleased him!

We were told the diner runs a burger of the month, this month’s was The Cajun Chicken which came come as a meal or alone, we were told it is very spicy! Sam also told us about a loyalty card which you can join by post, as an app or they can give you a card to take in if your phone doesn’t have apps which I thought was nice as I know my parents would need the card. You get 10 points for every £1 you see, a drink on your birthday and a burger when you first join and £5 worth of points after the first time you visit!

All in all we loved visiting the diner, I did have a bit of a stomach ache after the meal but I think this was due to travelling and sometimes my stomach struggles with rich sauces such as the cheese. I would have preferred a bigger table but to be fair this was offered to us if we waited I think the smaller tables are probably better suited to just burgers or drinks and not main meals. I think the food is wonderful and good value, lots of choices the menu also has three veggie options and the staff were very knowledgeable of the menu and talked to customers.

Rating: 4/5

For more information or to view menus visit

Ed’s Easy Diner, Grand Arcade, 14 St Andrew’s St, Cambridge, CB2 3BJ | 01223 311319

4 Star

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