Edifier S50DB Soundbar Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Our homes are packed with all sorts of technology from Smart Kettles to Wi-Fi controlled lightbulbs, handheld tablet computers to internet enabled televisions and smart speakers to home theatre audio.

We love our technology and gadgets and we accumulate them in every room in the house, and even carry them around with us when we go outdoors with our smart phones and cameras.

For most adults, when we get home from work we just want to sit down and relax. Most of us will make a cup of tea or coffee (or something stronger), crash on the sofa and put our feet up. Then the television goes on. Sometimes to watch the news or your favourite program, catch up on something you missed or stream that film or series you have been wanting to try for ages. Sometimes, it is just for background noise and company. But whatever the reason is that you turn on the television, you want to be able to hear it and with good quality sound.

It is reported that the average Briton watches television on average 27 hours per week, that equals a massive 10 years of your life! So if you are going to watch that much, then you might as well enjoy it. And that means more than a high definition image on the screen, you also need high definition sound to accompany it, and Edifier always deliver.

I am a big fan of Edifier and their audio equipment, having used a number of their speakers, earphones and headphones over the years. So I was delighted when the Edifier S50DB Hi-Res Audio Qualified Soundbar arrived for review, the perfect companion to my lounge television.

The S50DB is a powered soundbar with subwoofer output. It is Hi-Res Audio Qualified and features three EQ modes for music, movies, and news. It can be connected using cables or wirelessly using Bluetooth and delivers a rich 88w sound output. Because it is long and relatively thin, it takes up the minimal amount of space in front of the television and can even be mounted on the wall. Unlike a lot of soundbars, the S50DB has a luxurious dark wood housing which enhances the sound experience.

I love Bluetooth and use this soundbar with devices like my tablet and phone, it is linked to my Alexa and I also have a Bluetooth jukebox that I connect to wirelessly as the sound is far superior. As my television doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection, I have to connect by cable and opted for the optical connection, as this is a digital connection and much better than the analog connections. But for those that don’t have an optical connection it also has Coaxial, Line In and Aux Out, so plenty of ways to connect to your television and other devices. It also has a Sub Out connection so that you can connect a subwoofer to it if you require one – personally I haven’t, as I think the output is more than enough.

The S50DB completely encompassed soundbar handles high bitrate sound. Audio signalling reaches up to 24Bit/192kHz and its tweeters and mid-bass units enrich the sound.

The front of the soundbar has a round display that tells you what connection you are using, volume and a graphic equaliser when playing.

You can control the soundbar for the control knob on the front of the soundbar, or by the funky found remote control. This allows you to switch data source (Bluetooth, optical etc.), change volume, control playback and select EQ mode.

Overall, I love this soundbar. It is well-built, sturdy, looks like a high-quality piece of equipment and the sound is perfect (at low and high levels). It has a plethora of connectivity options, so no matter what connections you have on your television you should be able to connect with ease. An easy way to turn your television into a powerful home entertainment system.

Compared to the Edifier B3 Soundbar that I reviewed a few years ago, the S50DB is far superior in every way.

You can’t go wrong with Edifier, they always produce high-quality items that sound great and look stylish.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £249.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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