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Reviewed by David Savage

In a media age where everybody has phones, tablets, laptops, televisions for use with streaming services to watch their favourite tv show, the latest movie or just to listen to music, a good quality set of speakers will enhance the enjoyment. When looking for speakers, in my opinion, you can’t go too wrong with Edifier – they create good quality sounding speakers, as well as a good build quality, and always offer their own unique styling. They have lots of different speakers options from soundbars to portable speakers and for this review they sent me their E1850DB Multimedia Speakers.

The Edifier R1850DB Multimedia Speakers are a pair of 70w (total output) 2.0 active bookshelf speakers with a variety of connection options, including Bluetooth 4.1. At first glance, they look like a standard box-shaped speaker but as we are talking about Edifier they are different – they have been designed at a 10-degree angle to accurately direct sound to you in the luxurious MDF wooden enclosure geared to minimise acoustic resonance. They are available in two colour option, but don’t get too excited as the options are Matte Black or Gloss Black. They have connections for Optical, Coaxial, Line In and can support a subwoofer from the sub out connection.

This pair of speakers are perfect for sitting on a shelf or either side of a monitor or television. They measure 154x254x224mm. They are extremely easy to set up with just one cable going between each speaker and depending on what connectivity option you use (Bluetooth or cabled), one more cable from the active speaker to your device (none if using Bluetooth). I prefer using the Bluetooth option for the most part (I use optical for the television), it works smoothly and no loss of signal (unless I am using my phone and walk out of range – approx. 10m).

They are easily controlled from the active speaker or from the basic wireless remote.

So how do they sound? Excellent is the simple answer. They highs and lows are perfect, vocals and speech are spot on. The Edifier R1850DB are excellent sounding, excellent quality speakers housing is a heavy wooden box.

The R1850DB are perfect for all your multimedia needs from tablets, phones, laptops and if you have no room for a soundbar, for the television as well. With a total output of 70w, the level of sound is decent and there is no distortion at high levels. They are great for watching tv shows or movies and just as good for listening to music.

With the different ways to connect to your devices, it is easy to set then up for your needs on a variety of devices and very easy to switch between the connectivity options.

The Edifier R1850DBDB are a powerful and very versatile set of speakers. They are of excellent quality; they just need to have other colour options available. They would make an excellent upgrade on laptop, pc and television speakers.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £159.99

For more information or to buy direct, visit www.edifier.com. Also available to buy from Amazon here.

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