Ecover Zero Cleaning Range Review


Reviewed by David Savage

The weather is starting to change and we will soon be heading into spring time (20 March 2019 is the first day of the astronomical spring). We are already into meteorological spring (1 March) and its that time of year to start thinking about spring cleaning your home. As the winter turns to spring, not only does the natural world need refreshing and revitalising, so do our homes. So I have been looking as some spring cleaning products and was delighted to receive three samples from the Ecover Zero range: Laundry Detergent, Washing Up Liquid and All-Purpose Cleaner.

So, what’s so special about Ecover? They are a Belgian company and have been round since 1979. But what makes them different is that they make ecologically sound cleaning products from biodegradable plant-derived substances. They even hope to have all of their plastic bottles made from recyclable plastic by 2020.

As mentioned earlier, I was sent three items from their Zero range. The tagline for the Zero range is “Our Ecover Zero range has nothing going for it – literally”. This is an accurate statement, not because it is rubbish, but simply because it has Zero fragrances, Zero colourings and Zero enzymes.

Firstly, yes there is definitely no smell and the liquid is clear. The Zero range has been specially formulated for people with sensitive skin or allergies and has received a big thumbs up from Allergy UK.

The washing up liquid does exactly what it says on the bottle and gets the job done. Only a small amount of the liquid is needed in the bowl as it creates plenty of bubbles. It cleans well, cutting through the grease on a roasting tin with ease, and leaves no residue or smell. It is safe to use on sensitive skin as it is made from renewable plant-based biodegradable ingredients. The bottle is made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and is easily recyclable. The price of a 450ml is around £1.60.

The Sensitive Non-Bio Laundry Liquid again has zero smell and colouring. It comes in a 1.5l bottle (the bottle is made of at least 25% post-consumer recycled plastic and is easily recyclable). You need one to one and half capfuls of the liquid (depending on load and soiling) in the wash. You can get up to 42 washes from a bottle.

The liquid washes well at 30/40/60° and there is no detergent smell, which meant the fragrance of my fabric conditioner really came through. Ecover do have a Zero Fabric Conditioner if you want a completely non-fragranced wash. The clothes do come out smelling clean and really soft.

The price of a 1.5l bottle is around £9.

Lastly, I used the Zero All-Purpose Cleaner. Again, no smell or colour and the bottle is made of at least 25% post-consumer recycled plastic and is easily recyclable. A capful of the liquid is added to a bucket of water and then can be used while mopping the floor, scrubbing the fridge doors etc. It leaves everything clean with no residue and, most noticeably, no overpowering disinfectant type smell.

The price of a 1l bottle is around 2.50.

Overall, I was very impressed with these products from the Ecover Zero range. They are all made from renewable plant-based biodegradable ingredients, the bottles are bottles from recycled plastic and plant-based materials, so are much better for the environment. They all didn’t an excellent job of cleaning and caused no skin irritation.

While slightly more expensive than standard named brands, they are much eco-friendlier. You can even refill your bottles in certain places, therefore saving the use of more bottles (you can find your nearest refill station on the Ecover website here).

An excellent eco-friendly range of products that do an excellent job of cleaning. Why not start your spring cleaning early and as well as a sparkling clean home, use products that are also better for the environment, and all without breaking the bank!

Rating: 5/5

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