Echo Fall Wines Review


Reviewed by Kayreen Di Folco

I was welcomed home (after a rather tough day at work) by two lovely bottles of Echo Falls new Fruit Fusions wines.

EchoFallsFruitFusionFruit Fusion Raspberry and Cassis
The first was a red wine infused with Raspberry and Cassis. The labelling was attractive, nice ‘berry’ colours and bold writing tempt the consumer. The screw cap was easy to open, no contending with a corkscrew.

The wine’s scent was lovely and fruity, the taste was surprising. The fusion of berries was really evident, and it gave off a delicious lingering flavour. Unlike other red wines, it wasn’t too heavy. I often find myself unable to finish a full glass of red wine, but I really enjoyed drinking this and could easily see myself enjoying it on a night out as well as at home. I think this would be great coupled with a dessert as the sweet tastes would complement each other. Both myself and my husband enjoyed this as a mid-week treat and would buy it again, especially as it’s only £5.99! Really great value and a lovely wine.

EchoFallsSparklingTisaneAlcohol-free Sparkling Tisane Infusion
The second of the two drinks we reviewed was the new Echo Falls alcohol-free Sparkling Tisane Infusion. The bottle was presented like any other sparkling wine, with a pop cork. The gold and sparkling labelling is definitely charming and appealing. On opening, I was met by a very light and subtle aroma. The taste was refreshing, it reminded me of iced tea. The fizz wasn’t overpowering and mixed well with the taste. Although it was alcohol free, it still had a ‘wine-like’ feel in the mouth with a crisp, easy flavour. This drink could be enjoyed every night as an alcoholic alternative. We will be buying this product again and enjoying it as a guilt free alternative to white wine! As the same as the other fruit fusions wines, this also is a great price (£3.99). The sparkling Tisane will be added to many a party drink list.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Tesco here.

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