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Eat Sleep Doodle Doodle Apron Review

Reviewed by Katy Nettleton

What the manufacturer says… Wannabe masterchef? A great British bake off-er? Or do you just enjoy putting together a nice plate or two? Whichever, it’s all about strutting your style in the kitchen. And if you really want to cut a dash, grab a doodle apron and customise it a la you! The doodle apron is like a giant notepad you can use for menus, recipes, doodled chef designs or messages for your guests. And it’s a pretty efficient apron too – how clever! It comes with a set of 10 double-ended doodle wash-out pens so when the table’s been cleared, pop the apron in the washing machine ready for your next doodle delicacies.

What I say… If you want something fun to brighten up those family BBQ’s or parties then buy one of these for the host, or for anyone there! This apron created an afternoon of fun, enjoyment and entertainment for the whole family including 4 year olds, and a 22 month old. With a pack of 10 wash-out pens (double ended with a fine and thicker nib) we were all able to join in colouring and writing on the apron whilst hubby was getting the fire (BBQ!) started! The apron offered entertainment for both adults and children alike and was something we were all talking about. For the purpose of “test driving” the apron we wrote the “menu” of food for the day and asked our children to read it and ask for what they were looking for (so practicing their reading in a fun way!). Our girls particularly enjoyed this and ordering the “waiter” around, otherwise known as the Chef, their Dad! As the afternoon went on the apron got more and more writing and pictures drawn on it and provided enough entertainment that they adults were able to relax for a short while!

Once the BBQ was over the apron went in the wash (30 degrees) and came out white as white again, with no signs that it had been drawn on. It is now ready to go again, and we have had to purchase 2 more (children’s sizes) for our girls, as they wanted one too! And our little boy will be getting one for his birthday so we will have a full set of doodle-aprons. I would say that the children’s aprons are quite large and I can put one on!

the doodle apron - adults

I know that this is a novelty item, however I do think that it is good value and that it provides plenty of entertainment for all the family. The aprons are good quality and can easily be used without any “doodles on” and don’t look like they are missing out anything due to the pattern already on the fabric. Having looked at the website I think we could be tempted to purchase their placemats too – as our children love sitting down and eating meals, however for Christmas/Family meals where they need to sit for longer they often lose patience (especially the 22 month old) and need to be encouraged to stay sat at the table!

Overall I would give the aprons 4.5/5 – with the only slight problem being that they are large size and therefore the adult one is large on me and I’m not overly small, but fits my hubby well. Therefore one size fits all!!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £13.50 (adults)

Available to buy from Eat Sleep Doodle here.

4 half Star

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