Easter at Carluccio’s Review


Reviewed by Sarah Bowyer

I have been the super lucky one chosen to review a selection of Easter chocolates from the Carluccio’s online food shop.

I was sent a large jar of mini foil wrapped chocolate eggs and a tray of sugar coated dark chocolate eggs.

The mini eggs were wrapped pink, blue and yellow foil and were presented in a large glass jar with a yellow straw ribbon and a tag saying Buona Pasqua meaning Happy Easter in Italian.

These mini eggs were milk chocolate with a soft cocoa filling. The chocolate was extremely smooth and melted deliciously in your mouth. They tasted like really good quality chocolate. My son really enjoyed having these as a little treat. He is nearly 4 and having small fingers meant the unwrapping took much longer than the eating!

This 600-gram jar of mini eggs would be perfect for Easter egg hunts and as a lovely Easter gift.

The other selection of Easter eggs I was sent were 10 sugar coated, pastel pink, blue and yellow dark chocolate. These eggs were hollow and larger than the mini eggs that came in the jar and slightly smaller than an actual egg.

These eggs had a crisp outer shell and thick dark chocolate underneath. These eggs were presented in a cardboard box with a clear plastic lid, each sat in an individual mini bun case. Again, the box was wrapped in the Buona Pasqua label.

Both of these chocolate egg selections would be something I would definitely buy as Easter gifts for my family and friends.

The mini eggs are creamy and delicious and would be great for kids and adults alike, however the sugar coated dark chocolate eggs were a lot richer and as the chocolate was sugar coated this made them harder to bite into so I think that they would be something more suited to an adult.

Rating: 4.5/5

For more information or to buy visit www.carluccios.com.

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