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DrusillasParkDrusillas Park
Alfiston, Sussex


Reviewed by Emma Booth

I went with my mum and daughter to Drusillas Park in Alfiston. My mum had been years ago and was really excited as were we all to be visiting.

It was so simple to find only 200 yards of the A27, the car park had ample parking with a little play park and picnic tables on the side. There are several ticket booths so there was no queue to get in. We picked up an animal spotter book the booklet contains pictures of 20 different animals that you’ll find as you walk around the zoo route, as you find them you can stamp your book there are stamping stations dotted around enclosures. The book is free and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed doing this booklet and taking it into school the next day to show her friends.

We followed the suggested zoo route but you can bypass the animals and head to the play areas and other attractions if you wanted to. The route took us past capuchin monkeys, meerkats and tamarins. There was a brilliant little tunnel for the kids that led to the meerkats enclosure, they can stand up in the dome and see the meerkats around them. We then went in to see the bats, this was definitely a highlight as there was no barrier between you and the bats and to see them so close was brilliant. We carried on and saw lemurs, flamingos, otters and penguins to name only a few of the amazing animals that were there. Next we went into the Lory Landing, this is an enclosure with rainbow lorikeets. You can buy a pot of nectar to feed them for a pound. As soon as they saw the pot they start landing on you. My daughter took the pot and they landed on her arms and even on her head her face, this made my day and was by far the best part of the day for me. After this we went through Lemur Land where you can walk around the path and the lemurs were just roaming around. We didn’t see many, they must’ve been sleeping but it’s amazing to be so close to these animals.

We then came out into the play area it’s so huge it’s hard to know where to go first, but almost hidden we found the indoor soft play so headed there. Inside they have separate areas for two-year-olds and below and older kids there was plenty to keep my daughter occupied and a chance for me to sit down for a moment and enjoy a cake from the cafe counter. I noticed they also sold socks for those who forgot to bring any.

Before we had lunch we decided to find the train ride again there was no queue so we hopped on Thomas and had a very pleasant train ride. When that finished we headed to the Explorers Café, all the food look lovely but we had fish and chips, kids pizza and drink and a pizza meal deal with a salad bowl where you can help yourself to the salad and all this came to just about £13. We all thoroughly enjoyed the food. The only downside was there were no spare tables so we had to eat outside but we did get to see the robin looking for scraps of food right beside us.

When finished eating we went into the Hello Kitty Garden. We went into the cars first and it was nice that the parents can go in as well and the teacups that all three of us went on. My daughter liked this so much that we went on three times. The day just flew by so we went to the outside playing area before we left. There wasn’t enough time to play on everything and I almost had to drag her away from the trampoline but the bribe of the gift shop did the trick. There are several little shops where you can buy some very reasonably priced items. We found a couple of nice bits from the gift shop. On the way out as well, all the staff were very friendly and helpful and the whole place was clean and tidy it was nice to see smoking areas so we didn’t have to worry about people smoking around us.

There is so much to do, a day wasn’t enough we didn’t even get to look in Eden’s Eye Maze. There’s a big picnic area for those who bring a picnic in and a paddling pool for the summer. We loved having a family day out here and would definitely recommend it to anyone. We made memories that will last a lifetime.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost from £11.50 to £18. Family tickets cost from £22 to £87.50. Book online in advance for the cheapest price.

For more information or to book tickets visit www.drusillas.co.uk.

Drusillas Park. Alfriston Road, Alfriston, East Sussex BN26 5QS | 01323 874100


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