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Drumond Park’s Shout! Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Drumond Park’s Shout! is a trivia game with a twist and after having played it a few times now with family and friends it is excellent, really enjoyable and fun.

On opening the box I found a timer, timer holder, 2x base pieces with scoring holes, 4x scoring pegs, 2x card holder pieces, cardboard base support disc, 167x challenge cards 1x double or nothing bonus card and instruction leaflet.

Before play could begin the pieces had to be assembled but this was very straightforward with the aid of the easy to follow instructions and only took about 30 seconds.

Shout is a game for two teams to play with a minimum of 2 players and the winner is the first person to gain 69 points. To score points (a maximum of 9 per turn unless the double or nothing card is used giving a maximum of 18) you must answer the trivia questions from the challenge cards before the 60 second timer runs out. The score is kept by placing a peg in the scoring holes on the base unit, one row of single digits (1-9) and one row for double digits (10-90).

The game begins with one team being the answering team and one the asking team, we played with 2 teams of 2. The asking team takes one of the double sided challenge cards and places it in the card holder with one side facing the opposing team and the answers facing the asking team. The asking team then reads out the question and turns the timer over and the answering team has to try and find all 9 answers within the 60 seconds. You get a point for each answer shouted out correctly. When time is up the teams change places to take their turn. To make it a bit more difficult the asking team can play the bonus double or nothing card by giving it to the answering team before asking a question which means that the answering team must get ALL 9 answers or score nothing, if they get all 9 they get 18 points.


Overall, Shout! is an excellent game for family and friends which involves fast thinking. The challenge cards are made up of anagrams, pictures, figures and word searches so you have to have fast eyes and a fast brain to find as many answers as possible within the 60 second time frame. And teamwork is essential as the answers can be shouted at you pretty fast, you will need to see if the answers are on the card while you teammate keeps score.

Shout would make an excellent game for family fun or perfect for parties or game nights. It is fun, entertaining, funny and very fast. With around 3000 challenges it has plenty of game life making it very good value for money.

Highly recommended. We have had lots of fun each time we played.

Suitable for age 12 years +, 2 or more players.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

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