Doing It in Wellies by Sam Gray Review

Reviewed by Sarah Wallis

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Doing It in Wellies, a glimpse into the life that Sam and her family now have on their small holding in Shropshire. Unlike other books of this genre, the reader is not given every single minute detail of each and every battle, disaster or falling out with long term residents in the village – seemingly all blown out of proportion to fill more pages – this is a realistic no-frills overview of the journey so far, choices that have to be made, directions to be taken – hatches, matches and dispatches is a theme that follows through Sam’s story. She writes with passion about British Lop pigs from beginning to their very tasty end. I am envious of the greenhouse, and plans for produce and planting – exactly the right sort of feeling that you should get from reading this type of book.

There are superb photos which bring the story alive along with the easy reading style – the fact that these pictures are not glossy somehow gives the book a more realistic feel, and less manufactured.

I’m not tempted to give it all up and start “Doing It in Wellies” myself, but I have been left wanting to know much more, how are things going now – In fact I enjoyed the book so much, I’m going to find out more about the holiday cottage!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £18 (hardback)

Available to buy from Middle Farm Press here.


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