Doctor Who TARDIS Desk Tidy Review

Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

I recently reviewed a collection of Dr Who items sent to me by GetRetro.

In addition to the Doctor Who No Mystery Open Box, the company have also sent me a Doctor Who TARDIS desk tidy, and very useful it is too.

The TARDIS (and, as any self-respecting geek knows, that’s an abbreviation for Time And Relative Dimension In Space), is a television icon. It has become part of British popular culture and is recognised the world over. I’d even suggest that the traditional dark blue, Metropolitan Police public call box, is now more readily appreciated as the chosen transport method of Doctor Who, than for its original purpose in life, that of freely summoning the Police from any street corner.

The hand-painted, scale replica of the TARDIS is a piece of official, BBC branded, Doctor Who merchandise. Because of its wooden construction and matt, slightly dull, finish this desk tidy has an authentic look and feel; a TARDIS shouldn’t be all shiny and glossy should it?

The door handles (although basically two bits of wire, resembling staples) are of differing sizes, the left side being smaller than the right, this replicates what is seen on the full-scale television version, and adds a nice touch of authenticity. The model weighs about 620g and stands at approximately 13x13x23cm. It is painted inside as well as outside, which contributes to the overall quality. There are a few sharp edges, but nothing excessive, and I couldn’t find any area that was likely to cause splinters. For an approximation of what age range this item is aimed at, the packaging suggests 5+.

Alas, and being a big geeky kid at heart, I’m slightly disappointed to report to you that, when opened, it’s not bigger on the inside than it is on the outside; but, hey, you can’t have everything, besides there’s ample room within it to store loads of pens, pencils and other bits & bobs without resorting to manipulating the laws of physics (although looking at my cluttered desk that would be quite useful).

The roof of the TARDIS is hinged and lifts for easy access. Please note that the contents are not included. The two panelled front doors, one of which even has the traditional St Johns Ambulance emblem on it, do fully open but are quite stiff to manipulate. This is actually quite useful, you wouldn’t want the doors opening too readily while travelling from universe to universe, would you? (or, as I suppose, in most practical situations, moving it from desk to desk).

This desk tidy, which has now taken pride of place on my desk where it also doubles as a paperweight, would make a lovely Christmas gift for any Dr Who fan.

Rating: 5/5

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