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Dixit Storytelling Board Game Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

When I was recently asked to review Dixit, I had no clue what it was or what to expect. I decided against Googling it as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, so I waited patiently for it to arrive. For those who know me, you know patience is something I am not good at!

When the postman delivered a large box, I was intrigued and immediately opened it up to be met with a beautifully designed board game. The front of the game box didn’t give many clues as to what the game involved only the phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words‘ and that it was a family game.

Turning the box over, I read the 3 steps on how to play and from that moment I was hooked! My daughter is 13 and has Autism and learning difficulties and enjoys board games, so I knew she would be the first to want to play. My daughter’s usual type of board games are simple, easy to understand ones. As much as we enjoy playing them with her, sometimes it’s nice to try something new as her usual style of games are very repetitive.

We chose a rainy Sunday afternoon to introduce Dixit to the family. We were saving it to take camping with us this weekend but unfortunately the great British weather put rather a damper on those plans so plan B was a nice family day with 6 of us having dinner at home followed by games.
Passing the box around, I asked each of the family (ages ranging from 13 to 58) what they thought the game would involve. Not one of them guessed correctly so it made the game playing experience even better!

Opening the box we discovered the following items…

  • 84 Large, beautifully illustrated picture cards
  • 35 Voting tokens (6 differently coloured sets numbered 1-6)
  • 6 Colourful wooden rabbit game pieces
  • 1 Rules Sheet
  • 1 Built in scoring track

I passed the rules sheet around so everyone could take a look at how the game was played and I gave my daughter simple instructions, her Dad teamed up with her in case she struggled with the concept.

The games my daughter usually plays are for between 3-5 years olds and usually have a maximum of 4 players, Dixit is aimed at ages 8 years and above and can be played with 3-6 players.

On to the game itself…

How To Play: Each player receives 6 picture cards, a set of coloured and numbered voting tokens and a small wooden rabbit. Every round one player becomes the ‘Storyteller’. The storyteller selects one of their cards and gives a clue as to what is pictured on their card. This can be anything from a word, a colour, a sentence or phrase, even a song!

The other players then look at their cards (each of the 84 cards are different) and select a card which they believe fits the clue given by the Storyteller. The players then pass their chosen card to the Storyteller who then shuffles the cards received with their card and places them face up so that the other players can see them. The players then secrets vote which card they believe belongs to the Storyteller using their voting tokens (placing a numbered token that corresponds with the card they choose face down in front of them) and once everyone has voted the scoring commences.

Scoring: The scoring system is easy to understand and is as follows…
If all players identify the Storytellers card or no one guesses correctly the Storyteller receives 0 points and the other players all receive 2 points.

In any other case, the Storyteller receives 3 points as do the players that identified the correct image.

Each player receives 1 point for every vote placed on their picture card.

Players then use their coloured wooden rabbits to keep track of their scores using the built in score track.

The game finishes when the last card has been drawn.

The winner is the player with the most points, whose rabbit is the furthest along on the score track.

This game is wonderful! Every person playing enjoyed it as did my daughter, although she had a few comical moments whilst playing. Her chosen card as the Storyteller was the pink ballet slippers, my daughter gave the following clue “Mum, they are ballet shoes!” With a little help from her dad, she soon found her rhythm with the game and was happily playing solo without any prompting or help!

I cannot believe I have only just discovered Dixit, It is certain to become a new family favourite and will definitely be coming out on regular occasions and even coming with us on our now rebooked camping trip next May!

With Christmas sneaking up on us I do advise you to find this treasure of a game and get it bought! It’s suitable for families big and small and with a weight of only 789g its perfect to post to a loved one or carry with you this festive season. Never mind falling asleep in front of the TV this Christmas, pull up a chair and let your imaginations run wild. The possibilities of this game are endless and it is a worthy investment!

Dixit can be found for sale online with an RRP of £29.99 on Amazon UK or can be purchased at many other retailers both online and instore.

Start a new tradition this Christmas, Dixit your way through the festive season and beyond. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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