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Dettol Cleansing Floor Wipes Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Dettol Anti-Bacterial floor wipes come in a packet of 15 extra large wipes. They can be used with a sweeper system, broom, sponge or by hand.

I used these with a sweeper system and by hand. I found them easier to use with the sweeper system, but for stubborn stains to use by hand.

I was very impressed. They got the kitchen and bathroom floors really good and clean even on stubborn stains and left the floors smelling fresh. They are quite strong and do not break up easily. As they are a Dettol product you can be confident of it killing germs.

They kill 99.9% of harmful and viruses such as:

They also remove 90% of allergen’s such as:
House Dust Mites

As they do not contain bleach they do not leave behind that harsh bleach smell and do not damage the floor.

I will be buying these again and I think they are great value for money.

Rating: 4/5

For more information visit www.dettol.co.uk.

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