Dear Barber Shave Care Collection Review

Reviewed by Ilze Lee

We have been given the Dear Barber Shave Care Collection kit to review, and our first impression was very good. The shave grooming kit is presented in a lovely and sturdy box with a very traditional look to it and immediately gives the feel of something a bit more luxurious. We knew that this brand is used by professional barbers, so had high expectations of it.

The kit consists of:

  • Shave Oil, 30ml
  • Shave Biscuit, 100ml
  • With Confidence Eau de toilette, 30ml

The company prides themselves in being a proud British brand, with all their products made in the UK. The branding is just perfect, combining a more traditional feel to the modern man’s grooming requirements. Another deciding factor on purchasing this, is that none of their products are tested on animals. This is always really important to our family.

Shave Oil – This has a lovely feel to it, and contains almond, grape seed and tea tree oil. The man in the house liked how it felt on his skin and thought that it helped him have less irritation afterwards. It does what it promises to do.  5/5 for this.

Shave Biscuit – Being new to this product, we were not too sure about it. It wasn’t quite what he expected, but it might just be because it’s the first time he used this. It smells nice but didn’t really lather up much, which was a bit disappointing. 3/5 for this.  

With Confidence – This is said to be a ‘vintage inspired fragrance. We found it to be a great product and it smells very manly and traditional. The fragrance also lasted well. We love it so much that it might become a firm favourite in this house. 5/5 for this.

Score overall – We are happy to give the thumbs up to the shave oil as well as the eau de toilette and also the packaging. Unfortunately, we were not entirely sure yet about the shave biscuit, but accept that this might just be down to personal preference. As we loved the rest, we give it an easy 4/5.

The products give a distinct impression of tradition and good quality. It is not something I’ll be embarrassed to give as a Christmas gift, it is definitely not in the ‘3 for £10’ category. The wording on their website encourages you to ‘Give someone the gift of style’ and we can’t disagree with that. It is a gift I’ll give with confidence.

With the beautiful packaging and quality products, I would highly recommend it. It has certainly made it on our personal shopping list for some of the other men in our family.

This product, as well as other great grooming collections, are available at

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £17.95

For more information or to buy visit

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